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blueLounge Refresh, iPod/iPhone and other USB device Charging Station


Refresh is a personal or shared charging station for three or more devices. Compact in size and compatible with most of the new devices hitting the market today, it can charge two iPod/iPhones simultaneously while also charging a Blackberry and a bluetooth headset for instance. In fact, using the two iPod connectors and two of your own iPod cords, you could even charge four iPod/iPhones at the same time. Perfect for the whole family!

Bluelounge Refresh
Besides the two built-in iPod connectors, Refresh is shipped with the essential connectors needed for most new devices: Mini & Micro USB. These connectors are quickly becoming the standard for all mobile phones so Refresh is future proofed.

Fresh ideas for all situations

The bedroom is best shared by a couple, meaning at least two or three device, so why not share a charging station on the night stand also?

The kitchen is always the meeting point of the family so Refresh on the counter top allows all members to charger their things while chatting, noodling over the next meal.

The living room is where you mingle, a Refresh here will always be accessible to you and visiting guests.

Your office desk can now keep your personal and business devices charged at all times (and those of your colleagues) while the forward angle gives you a good view of the screens if any message comes in.

Meeting & break rooms are another places where people mingle and could use a shared hub to charge their devices.

6 Built-in Connectors
Universal Connectors for hundreds of devices:
- 2 (two) iPod / iPhone connectors
- 1 (one) Mini USB
- 1 (one) Micro USB
- 2 (two) USB socket

Made for iPod - Works with iPhone

Extra Connectors Available:
Short cables can be purchased to add even more compatibility. The following connectors are available or coming very soon.
- EX-001 Nokia coming soon
- EX-002 Sony Ericsson coming soon
- EX-003 LG coming soon
- EX-004 Samsung
- EX-005 Samsung
- EX-006 Mini USB
- EX-007 Micro USB coming soon
- EX-008 Various Brands coming soon
- EX-009 Palm coming soon
- EX-010 Sony PSP
- EX-011 Nintendo DS Lite
- EX-012 Motorola

Simply select the connectors you wish to use or plug devices into the USB sockets and replace the rubberized top tray. Note that the cables have some memory so after using it for a week, they will remain in their desired position for quick and easy connection.

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