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Open Box Instant FM Music by ADS Tech FM Web Radio Recording

Open Box Instant FM Music by ADS Tech FM Web Radio Recording


Ever listen to the radio and wonder what the name of the song is? Who is the artist? What year was it released? Instant FM Music helps you answer all of those questions! Just plug Instant FM Music into your USB Port, tune to your favorite local FM or Web Radio stations and watch as Instant FM Music & the included software not only record the station's entire playlist, but also separate and identify the songs for easy playback.

Discover Music – Find Song Title, Artist and Other Information
Record Radio Programming – Listen to the Entire Radio Playlist or Individual Songs
Playback Recordings on PC or Portable Music Players
Receive RDS/RBDS – Display Radio Text from FM Stations (only with Instant Radio application, not in Snaptune)
Retractable Antenna Included No Subscriptions – FREE FM MUSIC - listen to and even record FM radio broadcasts from stations in your local area and web radio from anywhere in the world with no subscriptions.

RADIO FREEDOM - The exclusive time-shift functions of the included Snaptune One software give you the freedom to listen to radio programming based on your schedule. You can pause, rewind and fast forward through live FM radio or web radio. Program the radio shows you want to record and listen to only the music you want and skip past the rest.

FREE Artist Name and Song Titles - Some radio identification services charge up to $1 per song just to receive the artist name and song title. With Snaptune One, you never pay a dime to receive this valuable information about the music you love! Learn artist names, Song titles, view album art, artist news from Google, discover other music by the artist, locate concert tickets and more – FOR FREE.

Web Radio Recording – You can pay $30 or more for a software application that will simply tune to web radio stations and record the audio. With Instant FM Music and Snaptune One, you can record multiple web radio streams simultaneously, identify the song and artist for FREE !

With all these features and capabilities Instant FM Music adds up to be an extraordinary product and exceptional value.

Snaptune One
Discover new music and re-discover old music with Snaptune One's song identification feature. No other software does what Snaptune does: it finds individual songs, new music, live sessions and interviews. You can pause or rewind live radio, go back a whole week or longer to listen to any show again, and thanks to Snaptune's one-of-a-kind indexing technology you can see a playlist with individual songs, interviews, live sessions, news stories or talk segments all marked out.

Pick a station from Snaptune's extensive list of local or web radio stations; pick a schedule or let Snaptune record 24/7. Snaptune displays a playlist showing you what-played-when, and after a short 'learning period' it highlights and tags the individual songs that are playing on the radio. You can click on any song to listen to it again, learn more about it, or go online to purchase a download or CD containing it. Don't like what you hear right now, simply click on another song to seek forward and play from there instead.

Click a song you like, skip over a song you don't like, or browse a list of all the songs Snaptune has found for you It works great for talk radio too. Snaptune puts you in control so you can listen to the radio on your schedule and in the order you want.

Instant Radio
ADS Tech’s Instant Radio Application allows you to easily tune across the FM band. Instant Radio can record live broadcasts and display RDS/RBDS data such as station call letters, radio text and more.

Instant FM Music
USB Extension Cable
Retractable Antenna
CD Containing:
- Snaptune One
- Instant Radio
Carrying Pouch

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