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White Sands Engineering RCA Compression Connector, 75 ohm, one piece, mini RG59.


Designed for Cables: Belden 1855A, 7787A-7792A, Commscope 7538, Honeywell/Genesis 5020, Gepco VDM230, Coleman 99401, General Cable 395031

White Sands RCA connectors are intended to work with 75 Ohm cables. They are designed for efficient and reliable home theater and other A/V installations. EZ compression connectors are compatible with a variety of mini coaxial cables. Our one piece connectors are also available for RG-59, RG-6 and RG-6Q cables.

White Sands’ innovative one piece connectors can be terminated quickly and reliably in just 15 seconds. Our design features a beryllium copper spring seizing mechanism inside the fixed contact which securely captures the conductor – similar to the BNC plug-jack interface. This unique design allows connectors to be installed and tested prior to crimping, saving time and materials.

Impedance: ~75 ?
Working Voltage: <300 Vrms
Cable Retention Force: 40lbs
RFI: >100dB
Current Rating: 2 Amps
Conductor/Pin Retention >150 grams

In addition, our one-piece compression connectors include a viewing window to confirm that braid is visible, which ensures proper insertion prior to termination. On hex crimp connectors, verify that braid is completely covered by connector prior to crimping. See Tool Chart (page 12) for strip dimensions and crimp / compression tools for all of our connectors.

For detailed assembly instruction visit the Technical Information section of our web site at

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