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4x1 AV and S-Video Switcher

4x1 Input Audio/Video Switch, With S-Video, Composite Video and Stereo audio Inputs and Outputs, Calrad 40-813

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Used to switch 4 SVHS, composite video and L+R audio input signals to 1 output. Allows you to switch between DVD, VCR, camcorder, Gameboy™ or any other A\V device. Front panel 3.5mm headphone monitoring jack.

just what i nedded
By doc
my son plays a lot of games now he dont have to be changeing the connectors to use other game systems, just push a button and its game on. thanks for such a great product.
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 SVHS (Y/C):
SVHS connectors. 4 pins with black inserts
 Y, luminance input level     1Vpp +/-10%  
 input impedance     75?  
 Through loss     < 5%  
 C, chrominnance input level       1Vpp +/-10%  
 input impedance     75?  
 Signal distortion audio     < 0.6dB (standard +/- 3dB)  

Composite Video:
Video connector RCA connectors with yellow inserts
 Video level     1Vpp +/-10%  
 input impedance         75?  
 Through loss     < 5%  
 Color     Dark Gray    

Video connectors: Red & White RCA jacks
 Audio input level     0-1Vpp, 10-20KHz   
 Audio impedance         10k Min.  

Size:   7.25"W x 1.75"H x 4.5"D

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