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NTSC Composite Video Balun, Female BNC to RJ45 jack, using pins 4 & 5


The ETS PV860 Series of NTSC Baseband Video Baluns are the original video balun for use in adapting baseband video to run over UTP. In comparison to our PV840 baluns, the PV860 offers potentially greater run lengths, depending on cable quality, due to careful impedance matching. Conversely, the frequency range of the PV860 is lower – the PV840 offers extended high-end frequency response for better synchronization.


• Run video over UTP for an easy, low cost installation
• Impedance matching for potentially greater signal transmission distance* compared to the PV840
• Supports color signals over 350 meters*
• Supports black & white over 900 meters*
• Compact plastic case
• Made in USA. 100% QA.


• Security and Surveillance
• Many baseband video applications

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Bandwidth: 35 Hz to 4.5 MHz
Connectors: BNC (male or female) to RJ45 or RJ11 jack
Impedance: 75? unbalanced to 100? balanced
Media: Category 5 or better
Dimensions: 46mm x 25mm x 19mm
Net Weight: 0.02 kg
NTSC Video Balun – BNC female to RJ45: 4, 5

NTSC Video Balun – BNC male to RJ45: 4, 5

NTSC Video Balun – BNC female to RJ45: 7, 8

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