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Stereo Analog Audio Balun, (2) RCA (L/R) to RJ45, two (2) required, one on each end.


The PA800 series of Analog Audio Adapters is ideal for use in applications requiring audio signals to be sent over distances greater than 4 meters. Signals may be sent in either direction. By balancing the audio signal aswell as isolating, signals can be easily sent over 100 meters.

NEW in this family of products is the PA807 Stereo Audio Adapter and the PA808 Dual Stereo Audio Adapter. In our standard middle size case, the PA807 or PA808 allow you to send two or 4 audio signals down a single run of UTP (utilizing 2 or 4 pairs), without having to use a hydra assembly. Additionally, the PA808 allows bi-directional stereo audio over a single UTP run.

• Full audio bandwidth
• Minimizes spurious signal ingress
• Eliminates ground loops
• Compact plastic case
• Made in USA. 100% QA.

• Home Theater Systems
• Meeting Halls
• Churches
• Schools
• Classrooms
• Auditoriums
*NOTE – DO NOT DRIVE SPEAKERS USING THESE PRODUCTS. Use only with line-level, unamplified signals (source to pre-amp or amplifier) to be transmitted over distances exceeding approximately 4 meters.

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