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UTP Audio Distribution Hub, 8 channels.


The CAT5 Audio Broadcast System is all-new from ETS. The PA700 UTP
Analog Audio Distribution Hub (pictured above) has two channels of
line-level audio transmitted through the distribution amplifier,
creating 8 output sets (stereo audio) from a single source.

The powered PA700 can be cascaded twice (three tiers) yielding a total
distribution of 512 receivers from a just one input source.
Audio signals are converted to and from UTP using the standard ETS
PA807 Analog Audio Balun.

The PA700 System supports stereo audio over a total run length in
excess of 100 meters (inclusive of all cable segments) on Category
5 or better cable.

• Run stereo audio signals over Cat5 wiring
• Up to 512 outputs possible from a single source
• For efficiency, the system balances the input signal, distributes on
UTP, and converts back at each receiver
• Complete system design flexibility, with components that can be
several hundred feet apart
• Low power requirements for the Hubs, display baluns need no external
ETS PA700 

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