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ETS InstaSnake PA203M, Receive 3 Male XLR and 1 Send Female XLR to RJ45 jack

ETS InstaSnake PA203M, Receive 3 Male XLR and 1 Send Female XLR to RJ45 jack


The ETS InstaSnake Series (PA200) gives a compact, lightweight, versatile passive group of components allowing you to run audio signals over a single run of CAT5 or 5E or 6 cables. With a roll of wire, these compact units are easily transported and/or stored solving dozens of live and/or recording sound problems. You can mix and match Mic/Line, Line or AES/EBU configurations making the InstaSnake a versatile high quality solution at affordable prices. The basic units are a pair of passive units with bi-directional capability which can be input directly into analog or digital consoles. Designed to the highest professional standards the InstaSnake has a wide, flat frequency response, low THD and residual noise. The InstaSnake has been factory tested to 1900 feet over CAT5 using low Z dynamic microphones. Phantom power has been tested to 850 feet over shielded cable. PA205 will send phantom power over standard Cat5 or 6 cables. The InstaSnake is available in 2 basic send/receive units which can be mounted in a 2u 19” rack, plus units with pigtails, wall plate versions. The PA202P with (4) 18” pigtails lets you access the mixer without the need for an additional 4 microphone cables.


 • Very easy Transport
 • Low Cost
 • No Ground Loops
 • Add second unit to increase the number of channels
 • May be used for analog or digital audio
 • Supports 48V Phantom power
 • Rugged, ‘road-ready’ construction
 • RoHS Compliant
 • USA Made, 100% QA


 • Live Sound
 • Recording Studios
 • TV & Radio Broadcasts
 • Production/Post Production Houses
 • Foley/ADR Studios
 • Hotels
 • Convention Centers
 • Churches
 • Cruise Ships
 • Auditoriums/Stadiums
 • Home Studios
 • Remote & News Trucks
 • Field recording

Crosstalk @ 20KHz
-109 dB between Ch1 and Ch2
-102 dB between Ch1 and Ch3
-106 dB between Ch1 and Ch4
-106 dB between Ch2 and Ch3
-106 dB between Ch2 and Ch4
-109 dB between Ch3 and Ch4

Female or Male XLR to Ethercon RJ45
jack or 110 punchdown (wall plate)

L x W x H
69mm x 62mm (+pigtail) x 36 -PA202P/PA203P
107mm x 70mm x 45mm
117mm x 115mm x 37mm (wall plate)

Product Ordering Information
(4) FXLR to RJ45 jack, all pins

(4) MXLR to RJ45 jack, all pins

(4) MXLR 1.50’ pigtail to RJ45 jack, all pins

(4)FXLR 1.50’ pigtail to RJ45 jack, all pins

(3) FXLR + (1) MXLR to RJ45 jack, all pins

(3) MXLR + (1) FXLR to RJ45 jack, all pins

(3) MXLR + (1) FXLR 1.50’ pigtail to RJ45 jack

(3) FXLR to RJ45 jack, all pins

(3) MXLR to RJ45 jack, all pins

2 gang brushed steel wall plate, (4) FXLR or MXLR to 110 punchdown

2u, 19” Rack Mount Panel w 3 blank plates, holds up to 4 InstaSnakes

Cat5e Inline coupler, shielded RJ45 jack

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