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KikAxxe by Way Out Ware - Virtual Vintage Analog Synthesizer

KikAxxe by Way Out Ware - Virtual Vintage Analog Synthesizer

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Top Features

authentic emulation of ARP Axxe > vintage 70s sound
16-step, analog-style sequencer > ideal for bass lines
integral sample-based drums > classic drum machine sound
easy and advanced modes > simple presets or powerful programming
integral tape-based delay emulation > great for leads and effects
stand-alone, RTAS, VST and AU support > Windows XP, Vista (32 bit), and Mac OS X compatible

The KikAxxe from Way Out Ware is a faithful emulation of the classic ARP Axxe synthesizer—and much more. Built with Way Out Ware’s award-winning analog-modeling technology, the KikAxxe brings together the Axxe synthesizer, analog-style 16-step sequencer, a dedicated step-sequenced drum machine and a retro-themed delay/echo effect. Chock full of modern conveniences like presets, MIDI sync and comprehensive MIDI-mapping capabilities, the KikAxxe has all of the features you’d expect from a top-shelf virtual instrument. The KikAxxe is compatible with RTAS, VST and AU hosts, making it a welcome addition to any personal studio and any musical genre. Mac/PC.

Vintage ARP Axxe Emulation
KikAxxe is a faithful emulation of the ARP Axxe analog synthesizer that descended from the venerable ARP 2600 in the mid ‘70s. It uses the same technology that has garnered developer Way Out Ware significant critical acclaim as one of the most faithful analog synth emulators on the market. Play it from a MIDI controller or the integral Sequencer +, an emulation of the ARP step sequencer that contributed to the signature sound of artists like The Who, Depeche Mode, 808 State, Vince Clarke, Jean-Michel Jarre, Billy Currie of Ultravox and Visage, and filmmaker John Carpenter. This combo gives you a powerful tool for creating distinctive synth bass lines. And to enhance lead lines and effects, KikAxxe also includes an emulation of the unique sound of the Echoplex—the original tape delay device that preceded digital delay units.

Drums Included
KikAxxe’s Sequencer + also includes a complementary staple from the same era—a drum machine with dedicated step sequencer. With five sample-based drum kits, you’ll find the sounds responsible for many hit songs across several decades—and then some. KikAxxe gives you the ability to create great bass and drum backing tracks in a single unit.

Simple Preset Operation or In-depth Programming
KikAxxe ships with a vast array of presets that give you access to the unit’s incredible vintage sound even if you don’t know anything about synthesis or programming. From there, it’s easy to explore and modify parameters to start customizing the presets to your own tastes. And if you’re a synth aficionado, advanced mode gives you access to every authentic parameter. You can even map MIDI controllers on to just about every KikAxxe control for a truly hands-on experience.

Virtually Yours
KikAxxe is designed to complement just about any electronic music environment. You can use it with most popular host applications on Mac and PC thanks to RTAS, VST and Audio Units implementation—or use it in stand-alone mode with a controller in the studio or live. Under MIDI control, the internal clock can synchronize to MIDI Beat Clock for LFO and triggered effects that match the beat of your session. Full Features

meticulous emulation of the classic ARP Axxe
16-step, analog-style sequencer
sample-based drum machine with 5 kits and integrated sequencer
analog-style delay/echo effect
synth and drum machine can be assigned to different MIDI channels
comprehensive preset library
easy and advanced operation modes
stand-alone, RTAS, VST and AU support
Windows XP, Vista (32 bit), and Mac OS X

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