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Biwire Canare 4S8-Sleeves

"Custom Series" Biwire Canare 4S8 Speaker Cable with two Via Blue Gold Crimp Sleeves on Amp end and four on the speaker end. MADE IN AMERICA


We take the two opposite side conductors of this four conductor "star quad" cable and crimp them together using Via Blue Gold plated Crimp Sleeves on the Amplifier end, and crimp all four wires at the other end with Via Blue crimp sleeves. This gives you a 13 gauge at the amp end with 16 AWG for both biwire pairs. The Crimp sleeve "ferrules" can be used "as-is" or easily fitted with one of the many types of screw attached terminations from WBT, Audioquest, Via Blue, Calrad and many others.

Canare 4S8 Cable:
Our most popular 4 x 16 AWG flexible speaker cable. Perfect choice for all broad spectrum speaker systems and general purpose power amp setups. Good for Bi-Amped applications.


 • PA Systems
 • Hi-Fi Speakers
 • DC Power Lines


 • Super Flexibility, even in Sub-Zero Weather
 • Star Quad Design Reduces EMI Noise
 • Low Capacitance and Resistance

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