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IR Emitter with 3.5mm Plug

Audioplex IR Emitter on 6 foot Lead, with 3.5mm Plug in connector


Features Miniature Stick On IR Emitter attaches directly to the front
panel of each audio component. Available in versions with plug-in
jacks for the IRStation or with stripped ends for hand wiring.

These units are designed to act as remote repeaters of infrared
controllers. They receive a signal from an IRTargetTM or
IRStationTM and mimic that signal to the device being controlled. This
allows operation of any unit from any room in a structure equipped
with IRTargets.

Connector: Screw-type, 2 wire
Mounting: IRBug: Directly to the front panel of each A/V component
IRFlood: Mount in front, above, below or to the side of
components, can flash 2 or 3 units.

TB-T: Table top version
TB-S & TB-D, TB-HS & TB-HD: Fit most standard junction boxes.
Range: 10 -15 feet +, "H" models 30 - 40 feet (when used with
Audioplex IRTargets).
Angle: +/-20-30 degrees off nominal axis. +/- 50-60 degres off axis.
Wire: Use conventional unshielded "zip" or telephone wire.

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