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Dock to USB and Stereo

"Custom Series" Apple dock connector to USB and left/right stereo cable. Connect your apple device to your stereo system. MADE IN AMERICA


*iPhone 5 Compatible!
Compatible with Lightening iPhones, iPods and iPads together with a genuine Apple™ Lightening™ Adapter.


All of the iPod eXtreme Ulti-Mate Cables are 100% iPod, iPod touch, and iPhone Compatible for Audio*, Sync and Charging.

All iPod eXtreme models feature heavy gauge Silver plated Conductors and Pro quality Neutrik Gold plated 3.5mm mini Connectors or Neutrik Gold RCA's.

Read the Review from Audioholics


 • The breakout between the Audio and USB Cables can be adjusted with sliding retainers, for a neat, clean appearance
 • Fully Compatible with Ipod, iPod touch and iPhones
 • Silver plated Teflon insulated conductors used for all audio wiring to limit negative effects of oxidation
 • Dual, Tight Twisted Pairs for superior noise free Audio performance
 • Extremely low Capacitance for excellent frequency response
 • All contacts are Professionally Silver Soldered with medical grade silver solder
 • Quality Neutrik Dual RCA's with Gold Plating
 • Strong Strain Relief on both ends for durability
 • Techflex Jacket

*Longer lengths available at your request!

Note: Your volume control does not work with a Line output connection. You should use the connected device for control of the volume.
Connecting your head phone jack on an iPod to any sound amplifying system is a poor solution. Line level signals have superior audio quality and are only accessible from the docking connection. Using the Docking connector Line level outputs typically improves frequency response and reduces distortion levels. This docking cable provides a line-level auxiliary output for connecting to your 3.5mm mini phone plug auxiliary input on car stereos, mobile recorders, Mini Stereo Systems and marine units that accepts a mini plug input. This is a true performance "High End" iPod, iPhone and iPod Touch Audio Cable, at a regular cable price - custom made in the USA.

This Really Works!
By Dr. Great
I had been searching for quite some time for an interface solution to use my iPod with with my "Audiophile" audio system. (Lamm ML1, Dunlavy SC-III, etc.) Let's be honest, it is so convenient to use the iPod. However, the audio quality from the iPod (also iPad) was simply not as good as other sources and was especially noticable on my system. I ordered and tried several D/A converters but all had compatibility or other problems and were not satisfactory. When I found the cables from Ram I was skeptical but gave them a try. I was pleased when I received the first cable in the mail. It was obviously well crafted and aesthetically cool to look as well! The cable bypasses the preamp signal for the headphone and takes a direct line level output to the RCA plugs. What a thrill when I first fired it up! As a musician and (OK) a bit of a snob about audio I was so excited to have the convenience of the iPod and great audio quality as well. I have already ordered another for use on sound reinforcement jobs. This is great. Thanks!!
IPod to Legacy
By bert
I had concerns when I purchased these cables whether they would really work. My concerns were instantly quelled. I attached my iPod Nano and was able to hear my favorite music over our legacy Bose Lifestyle 12 system. I was further overjoyed that when I used the stereo remote for the volume it worked perfectly (okay I'm just lazy and didn't want to get up) I appreciate not having to buy another expensive speaker system just to listen to the iPod or using the earphone jack that definitely does not produce the sound these cables do. (The only issue I found was when my other iPod (touch) went into power saving mode it cut off the sound to the stereo. I'm sure if I messed with the settings I could prevent it from going into power saving mode and seeing as how the cables are set up to charge the iPod that is not an issue.)
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