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iPhone Dock-Aux Cable

Unique cable delivers a high quality audio connection at a great value!


*iPhone 5 Compatible!
Compatible with Lightening iPhones, iPods and iPads with a Lightening adapter that has Analog Audio Support


New "GEN3" Model is now 100% iPod and iPhone Compatible!!!
The G3 model still features heavy gauge Silver plated Conductors and Pro quality Gold plated 3.5mm mini Connectors

Read the Review from Audioholics

Works with all iPods and iPhones* with docking connectors, including the new iPod touch 2nd Gen models.

Connecting your head phone jack on an iPod to any sound amplifying system is a poor solution. Line level signals have superior audio quality and are only accessible from the docking connection. Using the Docking connector Line level outputs typically improves frequency response and reduces distortion levels. This docking cable provides a line-level auxiliary output for connecting to your 3.5mm mini phone plug auxiliary input on car stereos, mobile recorders, Mini Stereo Systems and marine units that accepts a mini plug input.
Note: Your volume control does not work with a Line output connection. You should use the connected device for control of the volume.
This is a true performance "High End" iPod, iPhone and iPod Touch Audio Cable, at a regular cable price - custom made in the USA.


 • Silver plated Teflon insulated conductors to limit negative effects of oxidation
 • Dual, Tight Twisted Pairs for superior noise free performance
 • Extremely low Capacitance for excellent frequency response
 • All contacts are Professionally Silver Soldered with medical grade silver solder
 • Quality Neutrik mini Connector with Gold Plating
 • Strong Strain Relief on both ends for durability
 • Techflex Jacket

*Longer lengths available at your request!

This cable fixed my problem
By Brent H
I was having problems with an adapter I bought to connect my iPhone to my car. It required a 3.5" jack. When plugging that 3.5" jack straight into the phone, the volume was quiet and when turning it up, it would sound awful. I contacted RAM and told them about my problem. They suggested this cable because it ties directly into the line out signal. I tried it and it worked perfectly! It sounded clear and I didn't have to crank the volume. The people at RAM are great to work with and know their stuff!
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