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Home Theater Connection Kit

Elite Series Connect your system with The best there is. HDMI, Component and Toslink


Looking for quality cables for your Home Theater System? We combine three(3) of our best audio/video analog and digital cables into one kit to bring you a connection solution that cost the price of a single high-end cable.

HDMI Elite Series HDMI Cable - High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet, Silver plated Solid Conductors, the best HDMI cable we sell.

C2A Custom Series Component Video Cable - A True Professional Video Cable, made to order in the U.S.A. using only the finest components, Canare V-3CFB Cable and Canare RCAP-C3F RCA Connectors

Liberty Z500 THX certified Toslink cable - High grade polymer fiber optic Toslink digital audio cable with Super Low Loss.

This combination of cables is everything you may need to connect up a new Blue Ray Disc Player to your HDTV, or connect at least one HD Component to virtually any HDTV and Home Theater System. In most cases this will connect two Components to an HDTV, one using HDMI and one using Component Video.

We maintain these cables will give as good or better performance than any cables of their type sold anywhere by anyone. That's what we think of them and we Guarantee it or your money back!

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