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3G-SDI to HDMI 1.3 Scaler, Gefen EXT-3GSDI-2-HDMI1.3S


Convert 3G-SDI to HDMI with scaled video and separate multichannel S/PDIF digital audio output

View 3G-SDI video directly from a 3G-SDI network on any hi-def display complete with digital and analog audio.

Gefen's 3G-SDI to HDMI1.3 Scaler enables broadcast quality content scaling to complement any HDTV resolution, an inexpensive way of viewing 3G-SDI content from a network.

How It Works

Scale or convert 3G-SDI sources with the Gefen 3G-SDI to HDMI Scaler. A wide variety of image processing functions are provided by the on-screen menu that easily enables intuitive adjustment including color balance, brightness, contrast and other options to create the best possible video output signal.

Local 3G-SDI output for each of the two 3G-SDI sources permits connection to additional 3G-SDI products on a network. Alternatively, it can be used for viewing on 3G-SDI based monitors prior to processing an HDMI signal conversion. The unit can be synchronized to other television picture sources utilizing the genlock reference signal input jack on the rear panel. (This supports both tri-level and blackburst methods of genlock.)


These HDMI 1.3 Features are Supported:

•    225 MHz Video Bandwidth
•    10-bit Deep Color (RGB & YCbCr 4:4:4 only)
•    Up to 8 channels of audio embedded into HDMI


•    Maximum image output resolution supported: 2048x1080/24
•    User-friendly on-screen menu system (OSD) operated by IR remote control (included)
•    Pattern generation of color bars & coarse hatch patterns
•    Deep Color support at 10 bits when using YCbCr 4:4:4 or RGB 4:4:4: output color spaces
•    4 Aspect ratio modes (Full, Panoramic, Pillar Box, Extract/crop)
•    Detail enhancement, noise reduction, motion threshold and gamma settings
•    Film Mode (produces a progressively scanned output image from an interlaced scanned input image accounting for cadence (i.e. 3:2 / 2:2 pull-down))
•    Configuration of clean aperture size and position
•    SDI audio channel selection for audio output
•    Custom frame rate and/or video timings on output
•    Adjustable input picture size, timings and H/V position
•    Color Space and Deep Color output controls
•    Brightness, Contrast, and Color range controls
•    Monitor Supported Mode disables incompatible menu choices
•    French or English support for the on-screen menu (OSD)
•    User-selectable IR channel for remote and Scaler
•    Blackburst and tri-level Genlock Reference Signal Input

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  • Max. image output resolution 2048x1080/24
  • Input A/V Bandwidth: Up to 2 x 2.97 Gbps (Two 3G-SDI BNC connectors)
  • Output A/V Bandwidth: 225 MHz (HDMI)
  • A/V Input Connector: (2) BNC female 3G-SDI
  • A/V Output Connector: (2) BNC female 3G-SDI
  • A/V Output Connector: (1) Type A 19 pin female HDMI
  • Audio Output Connector: (1) Coaxial digital S/PDIF (RCA female)
  • SDI Compliant (SMPTE 259M, up to 360 Mb/s)
  • HD-SDI Compliant (SMPTE 292M, up to 1.485 Gbps)
  • 3G-SDI Compliant (SMPTE 424M/425M, up to 3.0 Gbps)
  • 3G-SDI SMPTE 425-A and 425-B Compliant (formats 1080p @ 50/59.94/60 Hz)
  • Power Supply: 5V DC
  • Power Consumption: 10 W (max.)
  • Dimensions: 8.2'' W x 1.7'' H x 7.5'' H
  • Rack Size: 1U (half-width)
  • Shipping Weight: 4 lbs

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