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PC and HDTV Scaler with Advanced Video Processing

ITEM: 1366

 This versatile scaler adds enhanced functionality compared to the popular model 1365, with wider resolution support, an improved menu system, a passthrough jack, and oft-requested overscan control for improving screen fit.

The PC / HD scaler can convert either VGA to component, component to VGA, VGA to VGA, or component to component, while preserving the original signal via the passthrough jack.

Perfect for boardroom applications or home integration, the 1366 solves all the common challenges of integrating PC and HD components. Most scalers convert resolution and refresh rate, but don't correct overscan errors, meaning a large portion of a computer image can be lost outside the range of a HDTV screen. The 1366 has image size adjustments to correct for overscan problems.


Input and Output Capabilities

 • PC input resolutions: RGBHV signals from VGA through WUXGA
 • HDTV input resolutions: 480i through 1080p @ 60Hz
 • PC output resolutions: RGBHV signals from VGA through WUXGA
 • HDTV output resolutions: 480i through 1080p @ 60Hz


 • Overscan, aspect ratio, and other scaling adjustments
 • OSD user interface (On Screen Display)
 • Contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, sharpness, RGB levels, and aspect ratio adjustments for output signals
 • Passthrough output preserves the original source video format
 • Locking power connector ensures system stability
 • Includes VGA-15 to 3-RCA cable

(HxWxD, inches)

 • 1 x 4.16 x 6.18 (25x102x157mm)

Audio Authority 1366

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