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Audio Authority 1361 Video Down converter, Component to Composite S-video Video Converter

ITEM: 1361

HDTV or PC Downconverter

If you need to distribute the same video signal to TVs with HD component inputs as well as TVs with composite or S-Video inputs, you need the 1361.

Downconverts HDTV or PC signals to 480i component, s-video, or composite output. Features passthrough.

Perfect for interfacing HD and SD signals from an Audio Authority AVAtrix system into a standard-definition television.

Mixed Signal Distribution Systems
Many satellite receivers and cable boxes do not offer simultaneous output on YPbPr and composite outputs. To distribute the same signal to TVs with HD component inputs as well as TVs with composite or S-Video inputs, a quality down-converter is needed to make both resolutions of the same content available to the distribution system.

•   Switchable PC or HDTV Inputs
•   NTSC or PAL Outputs, Composite, S-Video or Component
•   Supports PC Inputs up to UXGA (1600x1200@60Hz)
•   Supports HDTV inputs up to 1080i
•   Loop thru inputs - Both PC and HDTV
•   Adjustable image scaling: Pan, Position and Zoom
•   Aspect Ratio adjustment
•   Remote Control with On Screen Display
•   Supplied with PC Input/Output Cable, Component, Composite and S-Video
     Output Cables

Model 1361 Component Down Converter generates a standard analog NTSC or PAL video signal from an HD component or PC video signal. Output is either composite and S-Video or standard definition component (YCbCr) format, with HD Pass-thru. Any HD signal up to 1080i can be converted to standard analog video. It can also handle computer resolutions up to UXGA (1600 x 1200 at 60Hz) vertical refresh rate.

The Model 1361 settings are controlled via front panel push-button, an IR remote or an RS-232 interface. The over-scan feature allows you to fill the entire video screen. The aspect ratio can be switched between wide screen and standard display.

Product Dimensions (H-W-D, inches):   2” x 8” x 6”

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