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"Pro Quality" Molded VGA male to male Cable, by Liberty Wire and cable.


Liberty Wire and Cable - Pro Quality, Standard lengths to 25 feet are guaranteed to 1600x1200 resolution.

Features and Benefits

  • VGA male to male connectivity
  • 26 AWG Stranded mini-High Resolution Coaxial cables
  • Pin 9 EDID VESA power connected
  • Durable heavy duty molding and strain relief
  • NEC CL2, CSA Type AWM I/II A/B FT4, RoHS Compliant


  • EDID in-wall VGA signal routing
  • Flat Screen, Projector, Video Wall
  • Education, Boardroom, Home Theater
Physical Construction Description
Mini high resolution multiple coaxial cable interconnect for
analog video applications in accordance with NEC article 725
Component 1:
Coaxial Cable
26 AWG 7/34 tinned copper conductor
Foam flouropolymer dielectric: .077-inch nominal diameter
95 % 38 AWG tinned copper spiral braid inner coax shield
100% Aluminum/Polyester foil outer shield bonded to the
coaxial jacket with the foil facing in.
PVC coax jacket: .016-inch nominal thickness
Coaxial final construction: .107-inch nominal OD 
Component 2:
Twisted pairs
22 AWG 7/30 tinned copper conductor
PVC insulation: .010-inch nominal thickness
100% Aluminum/Poly shield bonded to the jacket with the
foil side facing in
22 AWG 7/30 tinned copper drain wire in contact with the
foil side of the shield.
Pressure extruded PVC Jacket: .016-inch nominal
Pair final construction: .122-inch nominal OD 
HD15 Plug: Nickel plated shell
1 µm Gold plated contact pins
Current rating: 1 amp
30 milliohm contact resistance
VGA: PVC 50P, BNC PVC 45P, Breakout: PVC 60P
Ni-Zn 17.5x12.8x28mm
65 Ω/25MHz, 100Ω/100MHz 
Cable Final assembly: 3 of component 1 and 4 of component 2 planetary cabled
100% Aluminum/Poly shield with the foil side facing in
PVC jacket: .040-inch nominal thickness
Final construction: .425-inch nominal OD
Product Print Legend: LWC E190607-E (UL) TYPE CL2
75°C CSA 219419 I/II A/B 80°C 150V FT4 26AWG

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