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Silver HDMI to DVI Cable

Silver Plated DVI to HDMI high Performance Cables, Lengths 3 to 50 Feet.


These cables all use Heavy Gauge, 24AWG Conductors. Supports 10.2Gbps HDMI 1.3b signals. Perfect for your Blu Ray or HD DVD player to 1080p HDTV or Receiver. Be ready for the future with these extremely capable cables and don't worry about future upgrades.

•  Heavy Conductors
•  Carefully manufactured to provide consistent Characteristic Impedance
    for short or long cables.
•  The connectors and cables are molded and jacketed for the best long range
    dependability, rather than appearance.
•  High quality Gold plating on all electrical contacts for long lasting reliability.
•  Tested and certified for HDMI High Speed compliance.

it worked the first time
By clark
I had order a DVI to HDMI interface and a long HDMI cable from Amazon. Everything fit, but no picture. This is for my Theater Projector that has no HDMI connector. I anticipated the cable coming from RAM, and only had a few hours before I left for a week. The Cable fit perfect, and when I tried it it worked. We have enjoyed many movies over the cable since returning. My projector is only 720, and has worked well. I am pleased with the purchase.
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