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1/4-5/16 Copper spade Lug, Silver plated, 8 Awg Max.

1/4-5/16 Copper spade Lug, Silver plated, 8 Awg Max.

ITEM: DS14568S

Direct Heavy Silver Plating over Copper

Great product
By Rob
I was looking for a good copper 5/16 spade lugs for my DIY PTFE speaker cables. After spending couple of hours on online search I locked on to this product from RAM.It will work for both 1/4 and 5/16 AWG audio connectors. Thick copper spades coated with silver.Easily take upto 10AWG wire.Crimping needs a heavy tool for sure. With proper tools it crimps neat and clean and hold wire well.There are many better products out there, that cost 5-10 times more and might have a better finish.But this one does everything those expensive spades does! Speaking some science silver is a better conductor than gold,so do not waste your time on gold,regardless how insignificant that can be. It does not have the look of a gold connector,but it does what it is supposed to,form great contacts and it does that job well.And no spades do not color or alter the sound!
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