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4-Window DVI-I Multiviewer System based on 3x 1T-C2-750 units, TVOne CX-750-4

ITEM: CX7504

CX-750-4 4-Window DVI-I Processor is an economical alternative to the C2-6104 Multi-Window Processor. It is based on 3x 1T-C2-750 Scalers and is based on TV One’s exclusive CORIO®2 technology using high quality graphic scalers capable of working at full DVI video rates. The scalers can accommodate DVI-D resolutions up to 1920x1200@60Hz and 1080p, along with analog DVI-A (or HD15 via optional adaptor) resolutions up to 2048x2048 at virtually any refresh rate. Virtually all computer signal formats are supported

Six Still Image Stores are built into the unit which can recall one of ten images each to be used in place of the DVI-I inputs to add custom logos or backgrounds. If 4 video windows are in use, then 2x SIS images are still available. Settings are stored in non-volatile memory and retained even when power is switched off. Ten user defined presets (two controlled from the front panel) are available to customize settings for various applications.

An On-Screen Display is available to assist in setup. Functions can be controlled via the front panel Push Buttons, Infrared or RS-232. Windows Control Panel software is provided and most third party control systems interface directly with the entire C2 range of products. Variable Zoom to 10X allows you to enlarge any part of the graphic image to fill the entire computer screen and position controls allow you to move around to any area desired. Variable Shrink to as little as 10% allows fitting multiple images next to each other, with full positional controls. The CX-750-4 system consists of 3x 1T-C2-750 Scalers and 1x P2-105 Power Supply housed in 2x RM-230 Rack-mount units and includes all necessary interface cables.

Advanced Features include Genlock, Chromakey, Lumakey and Mixing. The Key Mode allows computer graphics to be keyed over each other (one input over another). The keyed image may be faded in and out. Due to the 4:4:4 sampling format, precise keying at the pixel level can be achieved.

Comparison between the CX-750-4 and CX-6104 Multi-Window Processors
Feature cx-750-4 C2-6104
Background Input No (requires a 4th 1T-C2-750 Scaler unit) Yes
Any input to any window routing No (fixed according to wiring) Yes
Full 4-window layer control No (last 1T-C2-750 always on top of other windows) Yes
De-interlacing & Noise Reduction for YPbPr No Yes
Still Image Store available at same time as 4 windows Yes (2nd and 3rd units have a spare scaler each, so can be used for SIS) No
Source labeling No Yes
Optional modules (Tally, etc.) No Yes
Rack Space Required 2RU 1RU
Ethernet Control No Yes
Menu System OSD, but difficult to control, due to overlapping OSD’s windows (Recommend using CORIOtool Suite) LCD
10 presets available from front panel No Yes
Single button press to recall setup No – each unit has individual presets Yes

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