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TS Flexible pins

ViaBlue TS Flexible pins, 2 pairs.

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•   ViaBlue TS flexible pins are used for connecting speaker cables with very large cross-sections to clamped connections and terminals. They establish contact to speaker jacks with a gold-plated stranded conductor. The stranded conductor is flexible and approx. 5 cm long. The flexible insulating tubing can be removed.

•   The ViaBlue TS Series was designed to provide a connector ideally suited for every possible connection and jack type. All TS connectors protect against short-circuiting with a transparent insulation bushing. The opening to the cable receiver of the TS plug is 5 mm wide so that cables of up to 8 mm can be installed.

•   To select the appropriate TS plug-in connections, it is helpful to download the data sheet. When printed out, the drawings are represented on a 1:1 scale with respect to the original size.
Speaker cables can be very easily and comfortably installed in ViaBlue TS plugs. To do this, you will need a stripping tool to strip the cable's insulation as well as a screwdriver (hexagon socket 1.5) to fasten the cable in the plug-in connections.

•   The speaker cable should be stripped approx. 8 mm and then plugged tightly into the internal housing of the TS plug-in connectors. This inner part of the TS plug-in connectors narrows in such a way that the influx of air is cut off. In this way, the stranded conductors are protected from oxidation. The cable can be comfortably tightened by the two large fixing screws and therefore has a very strong grip on the plug. Solder is not necessary.

•   Installing optional ViaBlue OFC gold plated copper crimp sleeves on high-quality speaker cables will protect stranded conductors from breaking and oxidizing, plus provide a gas tight permenant connection.
ViaBlue TS Flexible pins

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