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1000Base-LX Single-Mode/10Km Duplex-LC, 1310nm (CGS3800DXSFPL10)

1000Base-LX Single-Mode/10Km Duplex-LC, 1310nm (CGS3800DXSFPL10)



* Model: CGS3800
* Standards:
IEEE 802.3 10Base-T
IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX
IEEE 802.3z/ab 1000Base-T
IEEE 802.3x full-duplex flow control,
* Connectors / Slot:
P1 — RJ-45/SFP Slot *
P2 — SFP Slot comes with DX-SFP.SX Transceiver
[ * Note: Dual-Media Port-1 can only use either RJ-45 or SFP slot, but not both at the same time. ]
* Optional SFP Transceivers (Sold Separately):
DX-SFP.SX — 1000Base-SX Multi-Mode Duplex-LC, 850nm
DX-SFP.L10 — 1000Base-LX Single-Mode/10km Duplex-LC, 1310nm
DX-SFP.L30 — 1000Base-LX Single-Mode/30km Duplex-LC, 1310nm
DX-SFP.L50 — 1000Base-LX Single-Mode/50km Duplex-LC, 1550nm
DX-SFP.3L10 — 1000Base-LX Single-Mode/10km Simplex-LC, 1310nm
DX-SFP.5L10 — 1000Base-LX Single-Mode/10km Simplex-LC, 1550nm [ Note: DX-SFP.3L10 & DX-SFP5L10 must be used in pair, i.e. DX-SFP.3L10 in one end and DX-SFP.5L10 at the other end. ]
* Data Transfer Rate:
10/100/1000Mbps (auto-negotiation or forced mode) for TP
1000Mbps for fiber
* Cable / Max Distance:
50/125µm Multi-Mode fiber, up to 500m (400MHz-Km) or 550m (500MHz-Km)
62.5/125µm Multi-Mode fiber, up to 220m (160MHz-Km) or 275m (200MHz-Km)
9/125µm Single-Mode fiber, up to 10~50km (SFP Module dependent)
Category 5e or better UTP, up to 100m for 1000Base-T
Category 5 or better UTP, up to 100m for 100Base-TX
Category 3 or better UTP, up to 100m for 10Base-T
* Duplex-Mode:
Full-Duplex for 1000Base-SX/LX/T
Full-/Half-Duplex (auto-sense) for 10/100Base-TX
* LEDs:
Unit — PWR (Power)
P1 — SFP LNK/ACT (Link/Activity)
P1 — TP LNK/ACT (Link/Activity)
P1 — TP SPD (Speed for 10/100/1000Mbps)
[ Green for 1000Mbps, Amber for 100Mbps, OFF for 10Mbps ]
P2 — SFP LNK/ACT (Link/Activity)
* Power Requirement: 0.9A up @ +5VDC
* Power Consumption: 3.6W
* Ambient Temperature: 0° to 40° C
* Humidity: 5% to 90%
* Dimensions: 140.7 x 87.7 x 29.4mm (H x W x D) * Emission and Safety Regulations:
FCC Part 15 Class A & CE Mark Approval


* Link Fault Pass-Through (LFP)
With LFP enabled (selectable by DIP-Switch at rear panel), if any segment cable(s) is/are broken, both ports in each converter will be turned OFF, i.e. no Link LED. If all segment cables are connected good, both ports in each converter will be turned ON, i.e. Link LED.

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