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Cool Feet

BlueLounge Cool Feet - Laptop Feet to raise your Laptop for improved airflow and cooling


Cool Feet
No doubt about it laptops get hot, often very hot. So hot in fact that manufacturers now prefer the term “portable computer” since you cannot use them on your lap without a risk of injury.

Find Your Best Angle
The Cool Feet package includes two tall feet and two short feet allowing user customization in three different angles and positions.

In search of the simplest possible design solution to this dilemma, we designed Cool Feet as compact and removable supports that temporarily fix to the bottom of your laptop with suction cups. Elegant, simple to attach and detach, they raise the laptop just enough to allow a constant cooling airflow.

Not only do Cool Feet raise your laptop for cooling, they also create a comfortable ergonomic angle for the keyboard. In fact, this bonus feature is one many of our users appreciate the most. After typing on an angled keyboard, it's really hard to go flat again.

How It Works
Cool Feet attach directly to any laptop with a smooth underneath surface such as an iBook. For all others, we include four ultra-thin clear smooth adhesive plates to be glued under the computer to which suction cups will latch tightly, while remaining easily removable. To remove, simply pull the small tab then store the feet until required in the provided carrying pouch.

USB powered cooling pads, cooling trays and cooling stands can be noisy, bulky and not very portable. Cool feet are the total opposite, small, silent and handy. Perfect.

"I just got these in the post, needless to say easy to set-up! I INSTANTLY found the new typing position when using all 4 of the feet a perfect fit, oh, just perfect. prrrr
I don't think the bag that came with them is that good, too cheap, should not include one in my opinion - it cheapens the product. I will use my own. I would have liked to have seen recycle information included regarding the plastic type of the packing and the box itself is plastic coated (no no for recycling). But that could be changed. Also the plastic casing was difficult to prise apart.
The feet are solid and light, nice colour, although white or black would be a nice option. " - Samuel, London, UK

"Great idea but they aren't compatible with a dell inspiron e1505, oh well.." - Busch, WI

"People are wide eyed when I use them, plus the little bag to keep them safe." - Robert Bromfield, Newbury UK

"Great stuff. Now I can avoid my laptop from over heat. Cool feet really cool your laptop. Nice packaging also, I still keep them in my wall." - agni, Jakarta, Indonesia

"These are great! I showed them to my dad, who spends a lot of his day writing on his laptop and he was astounded at how simple, yet useful the idea was. Great job!" - Shashi, New York

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