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Custom Belden RCA Cable

Belden Studio Grade Audio Cable, Extra Flexible, Single Analog or Digital Audio/Video cable, 1.5 to 75 feet long, Belden 1505F blue cable with Crimped Canare or equivalent RCA connectors, various color boot options.


This is the Best Choice for those who need a highly flexible Digital Audio (S/PDIF), Subwoofer, or Composite Video, Available in long lengths.

This cable is one of our favorite for analog or digital audio interconnection and other uses. Very low (17pf/foot) capacitance makes it fantastic for connecting all analog and digital audio connections. Perfect For SPDIF (S/PDIF) Digital Audio, Subwoofer, or Composite Video, Available in long lengths. Additionally, this cable is flexible enough for easy connection and cable management. The Canare or equivalent Connectors are excellent and easy to use. They maintain an excellent, firm connection while still being easy to connect and disconnect. The connectors are professionally crimped onto the cable giving a cold weld - better than solder, and longer lasting.

22 AWG stranded (7x29) .031" bare compacted copper conductor
Gas-injected foam HDPE insulation double tinned copper braid shield, PVC jacket.

Belden 1505F Cable Specifications:
Electrical Characteristics (Overall)
Nom. Characteristic Impedance:
Impedance (Ohm) 75
Nom. Inductance:
Inductance (µH/ft) 0.094
Nom. Capacitance Conductor to Shield:
Capacitance (pF/ft) 17.0
Nominal Velocity of Propagation:
VP (%) 80
Nominal Delay:
Delay (ns/ft) 1.3
Nom. Conductor DC Resistance:
DCR @ 20°C (Ohm/1000 ft) 12.2
Nominal Outer Shield DC Resistance:
DCR @ 20°C (Ohm/1000 ft) 2.4
Nom. Attenuation:
Freq. (MHz) Attenuation (dB/100 ft.)
1 .2
3.6 .5
5 .6
7 .73
10 .9
67.5 2.4
71.5 2.5
88.5 2.8
100 3.0
135 3.5
143 3.6
180 4.1
270 5.1
360 6.0
540 7.4
720 8.7
750 8.9
1000 10.5
1500 13.3
2000 15.7
2250 16.9
3000 20.3
Max. Operating Voltage - UL:
Voltage 300 V RMS

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