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Custom RCA to RCA Cable

Belden 89259 "Custom Series" Analog or Digital Plenum Rated Audio/Video Cable


The Best Audiophile Grade Custom Digital or Analog Audio cable we sell
Belden 89259 Teflon Cable, Canare or equivalent Gold Plated True 75 ohm crimp-on (cold weld) RCA connectors at both ends, Plenum Rated cable
Belden 89259 cable having a Teflon dielectric and Teflon jacket has the highest velocity of propagation and lowest capacitance of just about any coax audio cable around. For better specs you would need to go with an exotic design or unusual cable size. Belden 89259 is widely recommended among the audiophile community. We can also assemble these using WBT Nextgen Connectors and Silver Solder.

Canare RCAP Connectors:
Generic “off-the-shelf” RCA audio plugs are quite common and have been in use for a very long time...well over 50 years! These old-style RCA type solder plugs have an impedance characteristic of roughly 25 ohm and exhibit extremely poor Return Loss performance when mated with precision 75 ohm coaxial video cable. In fact, they are virtually unusable for 6MHz Broadcast Video frequencies, high bandwidth RGB Video Monitor lines, or even Digital Audio data bit streams.

Canare’s all new 75 ohm type RCAP Video Crimp Plugs are impedance matched and achieve outstanding analog and digital electrical performance with a usable bandwidth to 200MHz.

Canare's original 3-piece connector design offers consistent and extremely reliable terminations with a wide variety of 75 ohm coaxial cable sizes. This unique construction reduces set-up and assembly time by >80% because no soldering is ever required!

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Belden 89259 Teflon Cable Specifications:
22 AWG stranded (7x30) .030" bare copper conductor, plenum, foam FEP insulation, bare copper braid shield (95% coverage), FEP jacket.

Nom. Characteristic Impedance:
Impedance (Ohm)
Nom. Inductance:
Inductance (µH/ft)
Nom. Capacitance Conductor to Shield:
Capacitance (pF/ft)
Nominal Velocity of Propagation:
VP (%)
Nominal Delay:
Delay (ns/ft)
Nom. Conductor DC Resistance:
DCR @ 20°C (Ohm/1000 ft)
Nominal Outer Shield DC Resistance:
DCR @ 20°C (Ohm/1000 ft)
Nom. Attenuation:
Freq. (MHz) Attenuation (dB/100 ft.)
1 .3
10 .9
50 2.1
100 3.0
200 4.5
400 6.6
700 9.0
900 10.1
1000 11.0
Max. Operating Voltage - UL:
300 V RMS

# Coax AWG Stranding Conductor Material Dia. (in.)
1 22 7x30 BC - Bare Copper .030
Total Number of Conductors: 1
Insulation Material:
Insulation Material Dia. (in.)
FFEP - Foam Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene .135
Outer Shield
Outer Shield Material:
Type Outer Shield Material Coverage (%)
Braid BC - Bare Copper 95
Outer Jacket
Outer Jacket Material:
Outer Jacket Material
FEP - Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene
Overall Cabling
Overall Nominal Diameter: 0.193 in.
Mechanical Characteristics (Overall)
Operating Temperature Range: -70°C To +200°C
Non-UL Temperature Rating: 200°C
Bulk Cable Weight: 36 lbs/1000 ft.
Max. Recommended Pulling Tension: 70 lbs.
Min. Bend Radius (Install)/Minor Axis: 2.500 in.
Applicable Specifications and Agency Compliance (Overall)
Applicable Standards
NEC/(UL) Specification: CMP
CEC/C(UL) Specification: CMP
EU CE Mark (Y/N): No
EU RoHS Compliant (Y/N): Yes
EU RoHS Compliance Date (mm/dd/yyyy): 04/01/2005
RG Type: 59/U
Flame Test
UL Flame Test: NFPA 262
C(UL) Flame Test: FT6
Suitability - Outdoor: Yes
Suitability - Burial: Yes
Plenum (Y/N): Yes
Non-Plenum Number: 9259
Length (Ft.) :
Color :

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