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White Custom RCA to BNC Cable

High Quaility Audio/Video cable assembled with Belden 1694A white cable, Canare's "True 75 ohm" BNC to RCA connectors, choose a boot color. Lengths 1 to 50 feet.


Precision BNC to RCA cable assemblies, professional crimp, broadcast quality.
•  Component Video
•  Suitable for RF signal
•  Broadcast
•  Video - analog/digital
•  Composite Video with Digital Audio
•  Composite Video with Stereo Audio
•  Monitor applications
•  RGB
•  U.L. CMR, In-wall Rated.
•  Cables bandwidth designed for maximum HD video

Canare RCAP-C53 RCA Connector
Connectors are professionally crimped and cold welded to the cable. Manufactured in our plant and shipped within 24 hour, after receipt of order. Boot (molded Silicon rubber) Available with the following Connector Combinations options contact us:

•  RCA to BNC
•  BNC to BNC
•  F to F
•  F to RCA
•  F to BNC

• Multimedia PC I/O Cards
• Hi-Res Video Monitors
• SPDIF Digital Audio
• Duplication Decks
• VCR & CamCorders
• Audio Interconnects

Belden 1694A Specifications
Belden 1694A cable is a premium RG6 coaxial cable for both analog and digital audio or video signals. It is the cable of choice used in many professional audio video studios.
RG-6/U Type, 18 AWG solid .040" bare copper conductor, gas-injected foam HDPE insulation, Duofoil® + tinned copper braid shield (95% coverage), PVC jacket.

•  Nom. Characteristic Impedance :     75 (Ohm)
•  Nom. Inductance Inductance :     0.106 (uH/ft)
•  Nom. Capacitance Conductor to Shield :    16.20 (pF/ft)
•  Nominal Velocity of Propagation:     82%
•  Nominal Delay :     1.240 (ns/ft)
•  Nom. Conductor DC Resistance DCR @ 20°C :     6.400(Ohm/1000 ft)
•  Nominal Outer Shield DC Resistance DCR @ 20°C :     2.800 (Ohm/1000 ft)

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