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1X6 HDTV Component Video and Audio Cat5e Distribution Hub, Supports analog and digital audio


HD Video & Audio Distribution Hub

Distribute high definition component or composite video and digital or left and right audio over extended distances using CAT5 wire. Video and audio loop output to accommodate future expansion to additional CAT5 transmitters and receivers.

Product Details:

 • Active amplification ensures high quality transmission
 • Loop output for use of additional CAT5 transmitters
 • Six CAT5 outputs for additional locations
 • Discrete passive IR channel for the use of external IR remote control systems
 • Balanced and unbalanced inputs for maximum versatility
 • Connect up to 6 receivers, part number CAT5RX (Sold Separately)

Ce Labs C5T6

Does exactly what I needed it to
By OGSound
Used this as a Composite distribution system. Carries 3 video signals to anywhere in the building that I need it with one CAT5 cable. AWESOME.
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Performance specifications and features:

Video (all channels including Component and CAT5)
Normal input level: 1 Volt peak to peak
Gain: 1 Volt into 75 ohms
(2 Volts Unterminated)
Input Impedance: 75 ohms Component in
100 ohms twisted pair input.
Output Impedance: 75 ohms loop out
100 ohms twisted pair output
Isolation part to part: >45dB
Isolation out to input: >65dB
Return loss: >20dB
Video Bandwidth: 75MHz
Distance: Maximum distance varies between 400ft to 500ft
depending upon the type of cable used, type of receiver, and video resolution.

3 Composite video signals may be substituted on the individual component video inputs
(1000Ft. max).

Audio Analog:
Nominal input level: 1 Volt peak to peak
Gain: Unity (slightly reduced at max cable length)
Input Impedance: 22K ohm Audio IN
100 ohms twisted pair IN
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 100 KHz
Signal to Noise: 80dB @ 1 Volt out

Digital Audio
Supports standard SPDIF digital audio. Unity Gain when terminated into 75 Ohms. (Composite Video is supported on this port)

Requirement: External 9 or 10 Volt@ 1200mA (2.1 mm center) with a coaxial barrel connector (Power Supply is included).

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