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VGA + Stereo Audio Balun Set, VGA Video Baluns AV971 + AV973


Together at last! Based upon ETS's popular PV930 series of VGA baluns, the AV970 series uses two parallel runs of UTP to transmit the five distinct video signals (Red, Green, Blue, Horizontal and Vertical Sync.), along with right and left audio channels for a total of 7 pairs used. The baluns are fully passive, requiring no external power. The "Monitor End" baluns are available in two flavors, with audio connections via either a single stereo mini-jack or dual RCA connectors.

The ETS AV970 VGA Video + Stereo Audio Balun Set allows computer video + stereo audio signals that adhere to the VGA/SVGA/XVGA standards to be transmitted over Category 5 or better UTP wiring. All modes and resolutions operate normally.

Distance and quality of transmission are dependent on the type of cable used and monitor sync circuitry. Ordinary UTP cabling may be used, however distance and quality are enhanced with Cat5 or better cable. The circuitry in the AV970 set of VGA video baluns is fully passive, requiring no external power.
NOTE: For transmission, two Category 5 cables are needed.

• Run VGA/SVGA/XVGA andline level audio signals overCAT5 cable

• Compatible with all VGA/ SVGA/XGA modes
• Rugged plastic cases
• Made in USA. 100% QA Applications:
• Meeting Halls
• Churches
• Schools
• Classrooms
• Auditoriums
• Information Kiosks
• Monitoring Stations
• Trade Shows
ETS AV970 Balun Set

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