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1 Room Stealth Package

Audioplex Stealth-XTR4056-1RM-PKG-PP, Complete Package with Plasma Proof, 40/56KHz Mini IR Sensor on 6' cord, StealthXtreme Processor Base with adjustable Digital filter, 6 IRBug-PL's, IR-Station-C, 6 Prisms 12V Power Supply


Complete 1 Room Package to control up to 6 components


 • Plasma Proof Stealth Xtreme IR Target with Digital Filter
 • 6 IR Bugs with Easy Plug-In Connectors
 • IR-Station-C Chassis Mount with 6 Connectors for IR Bugs, 6 LED's
 • Power Supply

Stealth Xtreme Features:
Ultra Miniature IRTarget Featuring Adjustable Digital Filter
The revolutionary modular design of the Stealth IRTarget incorporates a simple but revolutionary innovation - by breaking the electronic circuitry and the infrared detector into two separate modules, the visible part of the IRTarget is miniaturized to the ultimate degree. This tiny target can be hidden in books, plants, speaker grills - anyplace your imagination can take you!

An adjustable digital filter allows installers to "tune" the Stealth unit to the room environment. Now any situation encountered in the field can easily be managed.

 • New shielding technology
 • Dual band standard
 • Plasma proof standard
 • Competitive price

The IRStation eliminates hand wiring in a Remote Relay system. Although hand wiring can create good connections, if a component is damaged or interference occurs, every wire must be disconnected, everything tested and then carefully rebuilt. Good system design includes foresight...someday, something might go wrong.

With the addition of the IRStation to a remote relay system, connections are made quickly and simply with built-in screw down connectors and plug in terminals. Better yet, if something is wrong, troublehooting LED's quickly lead to the solution.

Chassis IRStation Features

 • 6 IRTarget connections
 • 6 IRBug/Flood plug-ins
 • 6 Troubleshooting LED's
 • 1 SYS-TAT power supply plug-in
 • 1 Power LED
 • 1 Power supply plug-in
 • 1 12VDC system power supply

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