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mySpot - Pocket-Size Access Point


What is Kanex mySpot?
mySpot is a pocket-sized, easy-to-use Wireless Access Point that provides simple setup and a personal, secure wireless network, from any Ethernet port. Powered by USB through a computer or a charger, mySpot is ideal for hotels and conference rooms, providing dependable wireless for all of your mobile devices.

Pocket Sized for Convenience
Take mySpot with you on-the-go to ensure you have highly secure, reliable wireless where you need it most.

USB Powered
mySpot is powered by any USB port via a computer or charger, making it a perfect fit for your travel bag or briefcase.

Easy to Use Design
Plug into any USB port, connect an Ethernet cable providing Internet connectivity*, and you’re ready to go! It’s as simple as Pop. Plug. Play

Surf With Peace of Mind
Providing password protection, mySpot creates a reliable, secure wireless network.


   *Kanex mySpot works seamlessly with a wired Internet connection that provides internet access at no cost such as hotels.
Kanex mySpot - Pocket-Size Access Point

How many meters (distance) does the MySpot cover over Wi-Fi signals?
Great question, actually the mySpot works just like Access Point for Wi-Fi signals therefore, when plugged in to the LAN cable, it will work in a large conference room, classroom size room or a hotel room. That would be anywhere from 10-100 meters.

Will it allow you to bridge to a hotel's wireless ONLY connection?So the radio in the macbook connects to the hotels wifi and then the kanex is hooked USB to your macbook and it creates a hotspot?
For your first question, Yes - the mySpot will allow you to access Wi-Fi connection from the LAN network in hotels. Secondly, the USB is designed to power the unit, once the MySpot is connected to a LAN port in the hotel, it works like an access point and will create WiFi for your devices.

How many users may connect concurrently?
Maximum number of users/ devices you can connect concurrently would be 16. And may also depend on the router settings.

Does it require connection to the Mac's USB port for configuration at some point during the setup process, or is that simply for power?
Great question! The Kanex MySpot does not require any configuration through Mac/ PC. The USB port is designed for power purpose only.

Will the mySpot function on 2.0 and 3.0 usb connection?
Yes, it will work with both USB versions.

If a user already has an ethernet-to-USB adaptor; or if their computer already has an ethernet port (i.e. MacBookPro) then I don't understand why anyone would need this product. They can just go into System Preferences and under Sharing set up a WiFi ad hoc network.
Sorry for the misunderstanding, the Kanex MySpot works like an access point, it lets you create multiple Wi-Fi connections, rather than just using your MacBook Pro for the internet, now you can also connect your iPhone, iPad and other wi-fi enabled device as well using single connection. On a side note, the USB is solely designed for power. Thanks.

Your site mentions connecting the MySpot to a MacBook several times and even shows a MacBook in the pictures but I don't see a mention of PC. It states the USB connection is for power only. Is a MacBook required or does it work on a PC as well. All the MacBook language but USB power only is leaving me confused as to the requirements.
Sorry for the confusion caused, yes - any USB port from a PC will work with the mySpot as long as it extracts 5V of power.

How would I connect an iPhone/iPad to this network when I do not carry a Laoptop as a power supply?
The easiest way to connect your iPad/iPhone to the network would be by plugging the MySpot into a USB AC adapter. The mySpot needs to be USB powered and since you dont carry a laptop, my suggestion to you would be to buy a compact USB AC adapter, that would do the job.

If I am staying in a hotel room that has LAN internet only, and am using the MySpot in order to hook up my iPad to a wi-fi connection, will I still be able to "Agree to Terms"?
Yes, the LAN Port can be converted to WiFi with MySpot. Most of the hotels that we tested here locally, like Holiday Inn, they offered free- wired internet and with MySpot all i had to do was log-in to their page with multiple devices and use the same log-in name/ pw and I was up and surfing in seconds.

Wouldn't the iphone charger work to power the mySpot?
Absolutely, yes - the iPhone charger offers 1.5A/5V which is enough for powering up the Kanex MySpot. Thanks.

What are the dimensions& weight, should be under specs
Dimensions: 2.75" H, 1.0 D x 0.75" W Weight: 1.1 oz.

Hi. You say you don't need mac/pc to setup buenfor the first use alone? And How do you setup a password so that just you and people you know CAN use it? Thank you
Good question! you don't need mac/ PC in order to connect using my Spot, but you will need to log on to the web browser such as IE to password and secure the MySpot by entering the default IP address. Once that's done, now you can now change the SSID, Password, channel and device IP.

You mention that an iphone charger provides enough power can I assume that provided a usb hub provides enough power too that it will work with that as well (I then log into it's wifi page and set up the settings etc)?
Yes, that's a great question, USB Hubs normally are powered by 5V and that will work with mySpot either external powered hubs or the ones built in to the computer. Thanks.

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What's Included:
Kanex mySpot

Technical Specifications:
IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.3,
IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3x, CSMA/CA, CSMA/CD,

USB:    A-Type plug
LAN:    Ethernet RJ45 slot x 1 (Auto MDI/MDIX)
Frequency:    2.4~2.4835GHz
Transmission rate:    11g, 11b
Channels:    14
Anti-Radio-Interference:    DS-SS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
Data Modulation:    IEEE802.11g: OFDM

Medium Access
Control Protocol:    CSMA/CA with ACK
Wireless Security:    64/128/152-WEP
Wireless Transmission Gain:    20dBm (Max)
Antenna Type:    1 PIFA antenna

Network Medium

LED indicator
Status LED indicator:    LAN Link/Act status& system status LED indicator
Power LED indicator:    PWR (Power LED indicator)


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