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How-to Make a Podcast

(with M-Audio Podcast Factory using Audacity, Lame, Podifier)

  1. Podcast factory installation

  2. Connecting the Hardware

  3. Installing Podifier

  4. Creating your Podcast

  5. Converting your Podcast to an MP3 file

  6. Publishing your Podcast with Podifier m-audio podcast factory


m-audio podcast factory

Part 6 - Publishing your Podcast with Podifier

Make sure to check for Podifier updates, the latest version generally has more features.

Here is the Podifier website

They have great screenshots showing the proper way to setup the feed file. You need to know where exactly your feed file will go, including the directory on your webserver where it will reside. You will also need to have FTP access to upload the podcast. They also have forums for help.

Setup screen 1.

This information will be different for your particular setup.

Setup screen 2.

Find that MP3 file!

Setup screen 3.

You will need to know all of your FTP account information.FTP Server, Username, Password, and Base directory. Some FTP servers are setupfor different port numbers as well. You also have the option of saving the XML file locally so you can upload it later or have your "I.T." geek person do it for you.

Success? Here's the successful upload screen.

Troubleshooting: You'll need to check and make sure your mp3 file and xml file ended up in the correct place.

If either one is missing, you are not going to hear the podcast. There may also be other webserver related restrictions that could give you problems. You'll need your webmaster/geek for that as well. We are not able to offer tech support for all of this, unfortunately. Check with the support sites for the harware and software for tech support.

Do let us know how you make out.

m-audio podcast factory