How to Make a Podcast - howto podcasting with M-Audio Podcast Factory using Audacity, Lame, Podifier page 5



How-to Make a Podcast

(with M-Audio Podcast Factory using Audacity, Lame, Podifier)

  1. Podcast factory installation

  2. Connecting the Hardware

  3. Installing Podifier

  4. Creating your Podcast

  5. Converting your Podcast to an MP3 file

  6. Publishing your Podcast with Podifier m-audio podcast factory


m-audio podcast factory

Part 5 - Converting your Podcast to an MP3 file

When you are sure you are happy with everything, you need to export the audio file to the MP3 format. Save a backup beforehand in case you want to go back and make changes.

In Audacity, select "File"-> Export as MP3

You get a warning about the file being mixed down to stereo.

Click "OK".

Next you may get another warning about Audacity not exporting MP3 files directly, that it needs the LAME library to handle MP3 encoding.


Relax, you should be able to download this easy enough from: under the "Encoders" link.

(Naturally we make no warranties expressed or implied if this software does anything bad to your computer, etc)

You can install whatever features you want, we chose to just install Lame 3.94.

Click "Next" and Lame should install the necessary files.

Now you can go back to here:

Locate the lame DLL file.

Click "Open".

OK then, now you get this!


Where is the "Easy button" when you really need it?

OK, how's this?

Click "OK".

Yeah baby! LAME does it's thing...

Um..... Remember where you saved the mp3 file? You will need to know, so if you don't know, you may want to do it again. Don't worry, you won't have to mess with the whole LAME download thing again. From now on, Audacity should simply convert the file.

Next, Part 6) Publishing your Podcast with Podifier