How to Make a Podcast - howto podcasting with M-Audio Podcast Factory using Audacity, Lame, Podifier



How-to Make a Podcast

(with M-Audio Podcast Factory using Audacity, Lame, Podifier)

  1. Podcast factory installation

  2. Connecting the Hardware

  3. Installing Podifier

  4. Creating your Podcast

  5. Converting your Podcast to an MP3 file

  6. Publishing your Podcast with Podifier m-audio podcast factory


m-audio podcast factory

Podcast Factory is a complete package offered by M-Audio to quickly jump into podcasting.
This tutorial covers step by step how to install and use it.

Part 1 - Podcast factory installation

First install "Podcast Factory" and audacity from the podcast factory cd.

select podcast factory setup

Click the "Install" button.

The M-Audio Fast Track Installation wizard starts

Accept the license agreement.

Click "Install".

You get the Warning message about the software not passing Windows Logo testing.

Click "Continue Anyway".

When you get the "Installation was successfull" message, click "Finish".

Next you will need to select to install "Audacity".

Click "Install" to begin installing Audacity.

The Audacity Setup Wizard starts, click "Next".

You will need to accept the license agreement.

Read the Audacity version information and click "Next".

Install to the default folder location or change to the location you want and click "Next".

Select tocreate a desktop icon and associate audacity project files and click "Next".

Setup is now ready to begin theinstallation, click "Install".

When installation is finished you can chooseto launch the program or not.

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