Installing an IR Repeater System with Audioplex IR Receivers IRBug emitters and Connection Blocks



Installing an IR Repeater System

First - Meet the Components of the IR repeater system


We are installing the Package with the ShelfTop IR Taget and IRB-4 Connection Block

Shelftop IR Receiver

There are numerous types of IR "Targets" (or "Receivers") - Shelf Top, Stealth, In Wall, Wall Plate, Ceiling mount and even outdoor

Back of Shelftop IR Receiver

The IR Receiver Target picks up the IR signals from the remote control and transmits those signals through the connection block out to the IRBug emmiters into the IR ports on all of your Home Theater Components. You need to connect the Receiver to the IRB4 with CAT5 cable or other easy to find cable or wire.

IRB-4 Package

The IRB-4 Package consists of:

(1) IRB-4 Connection Block

(4) IRBug-PL IRBug Emitters

(4) Prisms

(1) 12V Power Supply


IR4B Connection Block front - you plug in the IRBugs here.

Using the IRB-4 and "PL" (plug) version of Emitters is handy - they just plug in, what could be easier?

IR4B Connection Block back

Connections for power, another Emitter port for single or multiple wiring of additional IRBugs, and the connections to wire up the IR Receiver to the connecting block.

IRBug IR Emitter with plug

Extension cables are available, if necessary.

Power Supply

Plugs into IRB4 Connection Block and powers the IR emitters, IR receiver target and the connection block.

Installing the IRBug IR Emitters

Locate the IR port on the Component to be controlled.

It is generally a round, cutaway in the front panal of the Receiver, DVD player or Set top box.

Shown above is the Toshiba HD-DVD player.

Peel the adhesive backing off the back (actually the front) of the IR emitter and fasten it over the IR receiving port of the device.

Finish installing the remaining IR Bugs to the rest of your components.

Route all wires as neatly as possible to the place you will be locating the IRB4 Connection Block.

Connecting the IR system

You'll need a small Screwdriver, Wire Cutter/Strippers, and some wire.

CAT5 cable or regular lamp cord is fine for the power and IR "signal" connections .

No needto buy bulk, you can just order a patch cable of the length that you need and cut-off the connectors.

CAT5 Cable

Follow the wiring diagrams to wire up the power and data lines from the receiver to the IR4B Connection Block.

Here the Receiver is connected.

Here, the IRB4 Connection Block is wired.

Now, Connect the IR bugs to the IRB-4 Connection Block, connect the power supply to an AC outlet and you should be ready to go!

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