Computer Cables/Adapters

We have the latest cables for the latest technologies - USB Cables, Monitor Cables, SATA Cables and Firewire Cables. We also still carry a lot of "Vintage" Cables for your older Computers - Parallel port Cables, RS232 Serial Cables, Modem and PS/2 Cables and more.

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9-Pin Firewire 800, (IEEE1394b) to 6-pin (1394a)Connector Cable

Starting as low as $15.99

Connect FireWire 800 devices (FireWire 1394b) to IEEE-1394a ports. Great for connecting to older video cameras The latest in FireWire Technology.

Starting as low as $15.99

Gender Changer Ultra thin, DB25 Male to Female


Firewire 800 Cable, 1394b 800mbps, 9-pin connectors on both ends

Starting as low as $15.99

IEEE-1394 Male to Male Cable, 6 Pin, FireWire Cable.

Starting as low as $12.95
Liberty Cable

"Pro Quality" Molded VGA male to male Cable, by Liberty Wire and cable.

Liberty Cable
Liberty Cable

"Pro Quality" Molded VGA Cable with 3.5 mm Audio, by Liberty Wire and Cable. Superior quality and a great price

Liberty Cable

IEEE-1394 Male to Male Cable FireWire/ilink cable. Perfect Cable for Desktop Computer to Camcorder Connection or Laptop to External Firewire Drives

Starting as low as $9.95

IEEE-1394 Male to Male Cable, 4 Pin to 4pin FireWire iLink Cable, Use this cable to connect FireWire & iLink devices with 4 pin connectors. Fast data transfer. Great Price and Performance

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