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External DB25 Active terminator with LED, has thumbscrews for secure attachment.


SCA2 80 pin to HD68 Female adapter, Supports all SCSI Speeds from Ultra Wide SE (Single Ended) to Ultra320. Features SCA2 connector, for a better grip on your SCA disk drive


External HD68 male Ultra 320/SE multimode terminator. Auto detects if the device is Ultra 320, Ultra 160, Ultra 2, or Single Ended, and terminates accordingly


Internal U320 Terminator w/Red Green LEDs


HD68 male to IDC50 male adapter with High Byte Termination, offset connectors on vertical adapter.


External HD68 Female to HD50 Male SCSI Adapter, with Active High Byte Termination


SCSI adapter, HD50 (Mini 50) female to Wide HD68 male with High byte termination, and Thumb Screws


Adapter, SCA 2 female connector to HD68 Female. Ultra2/U160/LVD compatible.


Adapter SCA-80 Female to Wide SCSI-3 HD68 Female. Ultra2/U160/LVD compatible.

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