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HD68 to CN50 SCSI Cable, with high Byte Termination

Starting as low as $42.50

HD50 Male to CN50 Male SCSI Cable, 3 Feet Long.


SCSI Cable, HD68 3 Feet Long, HD68 Connectors have Clip-Type Locking Mechanism.

Starting as low as $39.50

IDC34 (Standard Floppy Drive Connectors) connectors, Round Dual Floppy drive cable, 19" 24" cables are available, 19 inches is the standard cable length, 24 inch cables can be special ordered


SCSI Gender changer/Coupler - HD68 Female to HD68 Female Adapter. Connect two HD68 Wide SCSI cables together with this adapter.


Internal SCSI Active Terminator SCSI-3 HD68 Female


Internal SCSI-3 Active Feed-Through SCSI Terminator HD68 Male to Female


Internal HD68 SCSI Ultra Wide Cable, Male x7, 72 inches Long


SCA SCSI Adapter, SCA80 Female to IDC50 Male and HD68 Female. Connect your SCA Drive to Wide SCSI or Narrow SCSI.

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