Audio Cables

RAM Electronics carries a full range of audio cables to suit every application. For both home and commercial use, we carry cables from top manufacturers in a variety of lengths & gauges to make sure you find exactly what you are looking for. Browse categories below to get started!

To help you get started, take a look at our brief overview of cable types:

Stereo analog Interconnects - The usual stereo pair of cables that  you are probably familiar with.
Digital Audio Cables - Normally thought of as one of two types; Coax or Optical. Coax is a copper cable, usually with RCA connectors for "consumer" devices and is sometimes calleda S/PDIF Cable. The Optical version is called "Toslink" and uses plastic fiber for signal transmission of optical signals.
Subwoofer Cables -  A single analog interconnect rather than a stereo pair.
Speaker Cables -  Heavy gauge wire or cable which is necessary to transfer power from the main power amplifier or Receiver.
Multichannel Audio cables - Contain a number of Analog audio cables inside of a single cable jacket to cut down on clutter.
Mini Plug cables - Uses the small 3.5mm (1/8") connector popular on MP3 players, Walkman portable type players and Computer Audio outputs.

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Ram Electronics

Silver-Flex Audio-Video Cable with Silver Plated RCA Connectors, color coded Black, Blue, Red or Green Anodized Aluminum Shells and White Belden 1505F Cable

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $79.99
Ram Electronics

RCA to RCA connector custom Belden 1694A cable, Canare or equivalent RCA connectors, white cable, boot color options listed. This is the Best Choice for Digital Audio (S/PDIF), Subwoofer, or Composite Video, Available in any length.

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $46.85

CBI ML2 Series, 24 Gauge Microphone Cable with CBI Male and Female XLR's

Starting as low as $17.50
Ram Electronics

"Custom Series" Silver conductors and gold miniplug w/ Techflex jacket!

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $22.06
Ram Electronics

Belden 89259 "Custom Series" Analog or Digital Plenum Rated Audio/Video Cable

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $156.79
Calrad Electronics

Premium Quality, 24kt Dual Gold plated RCA connectors, triple shielded, Foamed PE Insulation, lengths 1-50 feet

Calrad Electronics
Calrad Electronics

75-ohm RCA Male to Male RG59 Cable, 1.5-100 Feet Long, Molded Strain Relief

Calrad Electronics
Starting as low as $79.40

Balanced 1/4" male to female XLR connectors, 3 to 25 feet long, Belden 22 gauge wire, Neutrik connectors.

Starting as low as $30.00
Calrad Electronics

3.5mm Stereo Plug to 3.5mm Stereo Jack cable. Extend the length of existing Audio or IR cables. 6-25 feet

Calrad Electronics
Starting as low as $5.40
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