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Built with 18 Gauge CBI Cable and Neutrik NP2X 1/4" Connectors. Nothing but the BEST!

Starting as low as $26.50

Toslink Fiber Optic Cable for Digital Audio, Home Theater

Starting as low as $29.95

Add 2 USB ports to your computer. Each 8 inch cable has a 4 pin connector for an easy connection to the mother board.

Ram Electronics

Techflex Bundled set of 6-Belden 89259 Teflon Cables, with high quality Canare True 75 ohm RCA Gold plated Connectors, for 5.1 Audio or Audio Video applications, In-wall Rated.

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $332.54

Value priced, High Quality, Speaker wire. 2 conductor, 16 awg. Flexible, clear jacket, easy to strip and install

Starting as low as $115.00
Ram Electronics

"Custom Series" Canare 4S8 Star Quad Cable with Gold Plated Spades. Highest Performance possible. MADE IN AMERICA

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $105.45

CBI SRB16 Speaker Cable, 1/4" male Connectors

Starting as low as $10.00

Value priced, high quality, 14 awg, 2 conductor speaker wire. Clear Jacket, flexible and easy to strip.

Starting as low as $163.00

Value priced speaker wire for all applications. 12 awg, Clear Jacket, flexible, easy to strip and split.

Starting as low as $183.00