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20 Gauge Instrument Cable with G&H Show Saver 1/4" Connectors. Superior construction with the best connectors and cable.

Starting as low as $20.00

Heavy 20 Gauge Instrument Cable with Neutrik 1/4" Connectors. Rugged construction and superior quality

Starting as low as $16.00

Precision built for long lasting performance with Neutrik connectors and Belden cable. 3-20 feet.

Starting as low as $19.95

Instrument Cable with one straight 1/4" G&H Show Saver and one Right Angle 1/4" G&H Rightfoot connector

Starting as low as $18.00
FLatwire Solutions

Flatwire Spray Adhesive

FLatwire Solutions

Connect FireWire 800 devices (FireWire 1394b) to IEEE-1394a ports. Great for connecting to older video cameras The latest in FireWire Technology.

Starting as low as $15.99

IEEE-1394 Male to Male Cable, 6 Pin, FireWire Cable.

Starting as low as $12.95

Firewire 800 Cable, 1394b 800mbps, 9-pin connectors on both ends

Starting as low as $15.99

9-Pin Firewire 800, (IEEE1394b) to 6-pin (1394a)Connector Cable

Starting as low as $15.99