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RG TV Coax F Cables for Cable TV, Satellite and Antenna RF signals  Long Description75 ohm RG Standard Coaxial Cable with F connectors is the standard cabling for Cable TV and Satellite as well as Antennas and is commonly used for all types of modulated RF Audio/Video signal Distribution. RG6 is used today for Digital Cable and Satellite TV Installers everywhere. The RF (Radio Frequency) Signals are usually composed of modulated Audio and Video signals which are de-modulated by your TV Tuner or Cable TV/Satellite Box. 

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  • RG6 Quad Coaxial Cable with Premium Gen II Compression 

    200-007 $5.47 Choose Options Choose Options
    RG6 Quad Digital Coaxial Cable with Premium Gen II Compression Connectors, with white or black cable.  For Connecting Cable TV, VCRs, DVD, TV, Satellite Receivers, Cable Boxes, Video Switches, Antennas, and other Video...
  • Professional CATV Satellite Cable, Belden 1694A RG6U cable, Canare F connectors
    RFA $19.47 Choose Options Choose Options
    Precision Belden 1694A cable with Canare 75 ohm F connector and gold center contact. The best quality Coax F connector cable you can buy for home CATV/Satellite/Antenna applications.  Precision Canare 75 ohm F...
  • Belden 1695A Plenum Rated RG6U cables with Canare F connectors
    RFP $31.93 Choose Options Choose Options
    Belden 1695A Plenum Rated RG6U cables with Coax Canare F connectors for Cable TV, Satellite or Security Installs Low Loss Serial Digital Coax, Plenum-CMP, RG6 18 AWG solid bare copper conductor, foam FEP...