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Wireless VGA

The most common usage for Wireless VGA is for Wireless Projector connections for Schools and Corporate Presentations, but their are many more uses. Anytime it is difficult, or even impossible to run cables for a Projector, LCD, CRT or Plasma Display, it is a natural use for Wireless VGA Systems. Perfect for Schools, Meeting Rooms, Lecture Halls, Portable Presentations, Multipoint Receiver systems.
Learn more: Wireless VGA Adapters, how they work and what makes a good one

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Grand Tec USA

Wireless PC-to-TV converter with Composite Video output

Grand Tec USA

Wirelessly transmit VGA video between a computer and a display using UWB


CablesToGo Trulink® Wireless USB to VGA and Audio Wireless Extender, Wirelessly transmits VGA and audio between a computer and a display using UWB technology