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Projector Connector™ HD/IP Receiver, HDMI over IP 1G Display Receiver


The Projector Connector™ HD/IP allows you to simultaneously send out an HD Signal (up to 1080p) to one or more HD video projectors or LCD Panels and return an IR Control Signal  to the source using CAT5/6/7 cable over a standard Ethernet infrastructure (alternate V.90 firmware available in our Downloads section must be installed for IR control).    Can be used to distribute HD digital content from multiple sources to up to 200 remote displays on a LAN by cascading multiple Ethernet switches as needed.  Longer distance applications can be sent across LAN Fiber backbones, allowing the farthest display to be located many miles from the 1080p source device while sustaining  excellent picture & sound quality.  Each device is installed using 1 piece of UTP  or STP cable.  AV signals are transmitted digitally over the CAT5/6/7 cable without any signal loss.  The integrated Scaler function allows different input and output resolutions up to 2048x2048 (different output displays can be at different resolutions).  The Return IR Control function is best suited for a Point-To-Point application, and is of limited value in a Point-To-Many environment.  For installations in a Many-To-Many environment it is necessary to use a third party home automation solution to provide distributed remote control functionality.



NOTE: Support for multiple transmitters requires a Managed network switch with VLAN/IGMP support. Standard LAN switches can only support 1 transmitter.

not an HDMI balunNot an HDMI Balun, but an HD over IP system. This means you can create your own A/V Ethernet network and all of the recievers will find the transmitter automatically. It may even be used over smaller existing house networks and low cost LAN switches and routers.

HD over IP point to many over LAN

Many-to-Many Home Theater Matrix

Home theater matrix HD over IP

Any HD source can simultaneously be diplayed on any number of display devices (if multiple displays are permitted by the HD source) using VLAN isolation on a Managed Ethernet switch. Using an HTTP GUI like MediaSwitcher(tm) a PC (wired or wireless) can control what signal is being watched at each location. Sophisticated Home Theater installations can use a programmable console to control the system using RS232 commands. The Managed switch must support IGMP and permit duplicate IP addresses across the VLAN domains.  You must use a third party home automation solution to provide distributed remote control functionality.

Managed Ethernet Switches we have tested and found to be compatible with the Just Add Power HD over IP solution include the following:

1G Systems:

Cisco SG300
Cisco Catalyst 2960
Cisco Catalyst 2960 Gigabit
Dell PowerConnect 3500 Series (3524, 3548)
Dell PowerConnect 5400 Series (5424, 5448)
Dell PowerConnect 6200 Series (6224, 6248)
DLink DES-3226L
Netgear 7000 Series V2 (GSM7224, GSM7228PS, GSM7248, GSM7252PS)
Pakedge SW24-GBM, S24P

2G Systems (requires Gigabit for best results):

Cisco SG300 Gigabit
Cisco Catalyst 2960 Gigabit
Dell PowerConnect 5400 Series (5424, 5448)
Dell PowerConnect 6200 Series (6224, 6248)
Netgear 7000 Series V2 (GSM7224, GSM7228PS, GSM7248, GSM7252PS)
Pakedge SW24-GBM, S24P

Home automation drivers have been written for many of these switches.  These drivers are specific to the switch make/model and must often be customized to deliver the desired results.  Please call us with the details on the home automation platform you intend to use to see if a driver has already been written to support a certain switch.  We have drivers available for several platforms, including AMX, Crestron, Control4, Pronto, RTI, Savant, URC, and Vantage, with more being developed all the time.

Projector Connector™ HD/IP Receiver Specifcations (VBS-HDIP-108A)

1 UTP/STP 100Mbps Ethernet Port
1 HD Out (19 pin Type A female)
Protocol:  IP, UDP, TCP, ICMP, and IGMP
1 Integrated IR Eye in front plus 1 3.5mm IR Eye Port in back (limited support)
Size:  5” W x 4.5” D x 1” H; 1.1 pounds
100-240V, 50/60 Hz, DC5V 1.5A positive tip power supply
Plug-and-Play installation
Supports DVI with HDMI-to-DVI adapter cable
Scaler automatically adjusts for each display
Video Bandwidth:  2.25Gbps
LAN Bandwidth: 50Mbps ~ 60Mbps for 1080p    
Input TMDS Signal:  1.2 volts (peak-to-peak)
Input DDC Signal:  5 volts (peak-to-peak)

Resolutions - supports practically any input resolution and frequency from 16 x 16 to 2048 x 2048 pixel image including the following popular settings (NOTE the integrated scaler will automatically adjust the HD output to match the preferred resolution setting reported by the EDID of the attached monitor):
640x480     @ 85fps    800x600     @ 85fps
1024x768   @ 75fps    1280x1024 @ 30fps
1600x1200 @ 30fps    720x480     @ 60fps
720x576     @ 50fps    1280x720   @ 30fps
1920x1080 @ 24fps    1920x1080 @ 60fps

NOTICE: HD over IP and HD/IP are global trademarks or registered trademarks of Just Add Power Cardware Co., Inc. HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.


Just Add Power  VBS-HDMI-108A

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