tvONE is a world class solutions provider specializing in video conversion and AV signal distribution. Headquartered in Erlanger, Kentucky, United States, with offices in Europe, tvONE provides a complete line-up of products and services for the professional AV and broadcast video markets. Following the global merger of tvONE and Magenta Research in July 2013, the new company tvONE now encompasses these two superior brands under one umbrella.

The tvONE brand specializes in video, audio and multimedia processing equipment, based on its proprietary CORIO® video conversion technology. Products include all-in-one system solutions, windowing processors, scan converters, seamless switchers, video scalers, up/down/cross converters, analog-digital converters (SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI), format converters and standard converters.

Magenta Research is the industry-recognized brand for the transmission, switching and flexible distribution of multi-format video, audio and auxiliary signals over fiber and Cat-X cabling. Products include AV extenders, distribution amplifiers and matrix switchers for DVI, HDMI, VGA, and component, composite, s-video, audio, USB, and RS-232 signals.

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  • 1T-DA-564
    1T-DA-564 $455.00 $386.75 Add To Cart
    1x4 DVI Distribution Amplifier with Analog Stereo and S/PDIF Audio outputs. The 1T-DA-564 DVI-D Distribution Amplifier provides multiple outputs from a single DVI input for distribution to devices capable of receiving...
  • tvONE 1T-DA-726
    1T-DA-726 $695.00 $590.75 Add To Cart
    1x6 3G/HD/SD-SDI Distribution Amplifier.  tvONE 1T-DA-726 3G/HD/SD-SDI Distribution Amplifier provides 6 outputs from a single 3G/HD/SD-SDI source. The 1T-DA-726 3G/HD/SD-SDI Distribution Amplifier provides 6 outputs...
  • 1T-FC-677
    1T-FC-677 $395.00 $335.75 Add To Cart
    3G/HD/SD-SDI to HDMI Converter with built-in SDI Distribution Amplifier.  A specialty tool that allows SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI signals to be displayed on SDI and HDMI monitors simultaneously. 1T-FC-677 3G-SDI...
    1T-HDMI-DVI $249.00 $211.65 Add To Cart
    HDMI to DVI and SPDIF Coaxial Audio Converter, No Scaling.  1T-HDMI-DVI converts HDMI compliant signals to Digital DVI format signals enabling display on digital HDTV monitors or input to DVI switcher devices. HDMI...
  • 1T-SX-644
    1T-SX-644 $225.00 $191.25 Add To Cart
    4x1 HDMI v1.4 Switcher with Fast Switching Technology.  The tvONE 1T-SX-644 HDMI v1.4 FAST Switcher with 3D / ARC allows selection of any of 4 inputs for display on an HDMI compliant display device. This version 1.4...
  • 1T-TG-620
    1T-TG-620 $299.00 $254.15 Add To Cart
    HDMI Test Pattern Generator.  1T-TG-620 HDMI Test Generator provides a means to verify the correct operation of HDMI equipment such as monitors and projectors. Any device using an HDMI type input (or DVI-D with...
  • 1T-VS-558
    1T-VS-558 $595.00 $505.75 Add To Cart
    Bi-directional Digital-Analog Video Cross Converter - PC - HD - DVI to VGA - HD - DVI. Maximum Resolution 1920x1200, 1080p.  The 1T-VS-558 Video Scaler is a high bandwidth, professional Cross Converter for Analog and...
  • 1T-AP-299
    1T-AP-299 $219.00 $186.15 Add To Cart
    Dolby® Digital to Analog Audio Converter, Coaxial, Optical Formats LPCM 2.0, Dolby® Digital, 96kHz.  The tvONE 1T-AP-299 Dolby Digital to Analog Audio Converter is a versatile tool that provides...
  • 1T-CT-570
    1T-CT-570 $595.00 $505.75 Add To Cart
    DVI-D over Fiber Optic Cable Transmitter-Receiver Set, Maximum Resolution 1080p, 1920x1200.  1T-CT-570 Series DVI Fiber Optic Extender is a high performance system used to transmit PC and HDTV video at resolutions up...
  • 1T-CT-654A
    1T-CT-654A $325.00 $276.25 Add To Cart
    HDMI ver1.4a over Single Cat5e/Cat6 HDBaseT 5Play extender - Receiver only.  The tvONE 1T-CT-653/1T-CT-654A HDMI over Single Cat.5e/Cat.6 system consists of a 1T-CT-653 Transmitter coupled with a 1T-CT-654A...
  • 1T-DA-462
    1T-DA-462 $110.00 $93.50 Add To Cart
    1x2 Ultra Compact RGB or Component Video (YPbPr )and Stereo Audio DA.  The 1T-DA-462 RGBHV Distribution Amplifier provides 2 VGA type outputs plus Stereo Audio for use in any situation requiring multiple outputs from a...
  • 1T-DA-552
    1T-DA-552 $325.00 $276.25 Add To Cart
    1x2 DVI-D DA. HDMI v1.3 Compatible. HDCP Compliant. Maximum Resolution 1080p, 1920x1200.  Provides 2x DVI outputs from a single digital DVI source. The 1T-DA-552, 1T-DA-554, 1T-DA-564 DVI-D Distribution Amplifiers...
  • 1T-DA-672
    1T-DA-672 $245.00 $208.25 Add To Cart
    1x2 HDMI Distribution Amp with 4Kx2K, 1080p support.  Provides 2 independent outputs from a single HDMI v1.4 input. HDCP Compliant 1T-DA-672 HDMI Distribution Amplifier provides dual, independent outputs from a single...
  • 1T-DA-674
    1T-DA-674 $395.00 $335.75 Add To Cart
    1x4 HDMI Distribution Amp with 4Kx2K, 1080p support.  Provides 4 independent outputs from a single HDMI v1.4 input. HDCP Compliant1T-DA-674 HDMI Distribution Amplifier Provides 4 independent outputs from a single HDMI...
  • 1T-DA-672
    1T-DA-678 $595.00 $505.75 Add To Cart
    1x8 HDMI Distribution Amp, with 4Kx2K, 1080p support.  1T-DA-674 HDMI Distribution Amplifier Provides 8 independent outputs from a single HDMI input for distribution to devices capable of receiving and/or displaying...
  • 1T-DA8CVB front
    1T-DA8CVB $165.00 $140.25 Add To Cart
    1x8 Composite Video Distribution Amplifier.  An ultra compact 1x8 DA for Composite Video with BNC connectors and 100MHz bandwidth. 12VDC powered, and a power adapter is included. For best performance, use high grade...