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Speaker Cables

Speaker Cables - Made to last a long, long time.
We sell long lasting high quality speaker cables without all the hype.
What would you use?
The speaker cable used by recording studios or speaker cables hyped by millions of dollars of marketing money?
Most Speaker Cables are made for looks, and/or to over achieve in one non essential specification or another as a marketing ploy. Ours are simply made to last as long as possible while performing at the best level possible for the widest variety of applications. We also have Bulk Speaker Cable and Speaker Connectors

Why our cables are better.

All of our cables use crimp technology on all conductors so that the wires will not oxidize, strands won't break, etc. We use WBT Crimp sleeve "ferrules" on all of our Canare 4S11 cables. This gives you a termination that lasts virtually forever, and it makes it very easy to replace connectors without re-crimping. What this means is that you will never have to buy another speaker cable*.
*Unless you need a longer length!

There are basically two ways to "terminate" (connect) a speaker cable to the speakers and amplifier/Receiver:
Connect with the bare strands of wire.
Use a connector of some sort. Most receivers and speakers will accept banana connectors. A banana connector works well on the amplifier/receiver side and allow an easy connection in the tight area.
We believe Properly terminated cables will perform better since they will have less power loss - therefore better sound, and the elimination of oxidation as a factor.
Our Speaker Cables come in four general styles for online order, and we offer complete customization as a possibility:
• Fully Terminated with Gold Plated Copper Banana Plugs with WBT Crimp sleeves - 4 Banana connectors, 11 AWG Cable
• Fully Terminated with WBT 0644 Banana Plugs with WBT Crimp sleeves - 4 Banana connectors, 11 AWG Cable
• Terminated with WBT Spade Lugs on WBT Crimp Sleeves
• Terminated with only WBT crimp sleeves at both ends
Note: All wires are terminated with WBT crimp sleeves - never worry about oxidation! Easily change Connectors!
* All cables with Canare 4S11 cable, Liberty, Belden or other cables available.
* New! Braided outer sleeve is available in black, white and other colors on any speaker cable.
* Call 888-726-2440 or email TheCustomShop: for completely customized cables. We can custom crimp or solder a wide variety of WBT, Audioquest Bananas, Spade Lugs or other connectors.
More: What is the real truth about Speaker Cables?
Need a better price? Call or Email us!
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Viablue SC-6 AIR Silver Bi-Amping Speaker Cable with T6s Bananas, 1 Pair

Ram Electronics

"Custom Series" XLR Speaker cable with ViaBlue Spades. Made with Canare 4S8 Star Quad cable. 2 to 75 feet. MADE IN AMERICA

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $122.22
Ram Electronics

"Custom Series" Canare 4S11 Speaker Cable with WBT 5/16" Spade Lugs on both ends, lengths 3 to 75 feet long. MADE IN AMERICA

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $225.66

ViaBlue SC-4 Silver-Series Bi-Wire Speaker Cable with T6s Bananas, 1 Pair

Starting as low as $816.37
Ram Electronics

"Custom Series" 12AWG Liberty OFC AudioQuest Crimp with Soldered Gold Pin Connectors

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $63.63
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