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SCA/SCA2 Adapters

Note: Different manufacturers use different versions of SCA connectors: SCA and SCA2. IBM uses SCA2, Seagate uses SCA, Fujitsu uses SCA2, Hitachi uses SCA2 and Maxtor (Quantum) uses SCA.

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Adapter, SCA 2 female connector to HD68 Female. Ultra2/U160/LVD compatible.


Adapter SCA-80 Female to Wide SCSI-3 HD68 Female. Ultra2/U160/LVD compatible.


SCA SCSI Adapter, SCA80 Female to IDC50 Male and HD68 Female


SCA2 80 pin to HD68 Female adapter, Supports all SCSI Speeds from Ultra Wide SE (Single Ended) to Ultra320. Features SCA2 connector, for a better grip on your SCA disk drive