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SCA/SCA2 Adapters

Note: Different manufacturers use different versions of SCA connectors: SCA and SCA2. IBM uses SCA2, Seagate uses SCA, Fujitsu uses SCA2, Hitachi uses SCA2 and Maxtor (Quantum) uses SCA.

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Adapter, SCA 2 female connector to HD68 Female. Ultra2/U160/LVD compatible.


SCA2 80 pin to HD68 Female adapter, Supports all SCSI Speeds from Ultra Wide SE (Single Ended) to Ultra320. Features SCA2 connector, for a better grip on your SCA disk drive


SCA SCSI Adapter, SCA80 Female to IDC50 Male and HD68 Female. Connect your SCA Drive to Wide SCSI or Narrow SCSI.


Adapter SCA-80 Female to Wide SCSI-3 HD68 Female. Ultra2/U160/LVD compatible.