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SATA Cards

SATA (serial ATA) is quickly replacing "PATA" (parallel ATA) drives in most computers for very good reasons. The Reasons? Higher Data speeds, better Data integrity, and much easier and longer Cabling. The main considerations for buying a card are the following. RAID Capable or not? Number of SATA Ports. External SATA Ports necessary? Speed of SATA interface.  The two main SATA current types: SATA/150 and SATA/300. The SATA/150 Interface is capable of nearly 1.5Gbps,while SATA/300 can approach 3.0Gbps. These numbers are for the Interfaces themselves, as current Hard Drives normally do not transfer Data at these rates. SATA/150 is generally fine for Single Drive or multiple drive non-RAID systems,while SATA/300 is best for multiple drive RAID systems.

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