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 A/V Installer Modular In-Wall/Conduit Cable Installation System.

Modular interconnect system for A/V and VGA applications, including HDTV
System consists of Main Cable,and Terminated Ends,which can be Seperated Cables (Flying Leads) with appropriate connectors or Decora Wall plates with the desired A/V connectors.

   • Saves time and eliminates termination hassles during installation
   • Flexible – many connector options, for example, S-Video, Composite Video, and Stereo Audio with just 1 Runner!
   • Modular – easy to upgrade as applications change

The Rapid Run System uses an easy color coded system to help match wall plates, flying leads, runners and extenders.
Color Coded Runners (base Cables), Wall Plates, Flying Leads (Pigtails), Extension Cables, etc, are for PC Based UXGA Resolution Cabling Systems,with all of the signals necessary for Computer Displays.
Color Coding is for HT (Home Theater) Applications,and signals can be a variety of Video,Audio,and Digital Audio signals.
color coded Wallplates and Flying Leads will work with either yellow or blue color coded Runners or Extenders.
color coded Components are specially designed for digital video (DVI or HDMI) and must be used together exclusively. These can be passive for short lengths,or active for longer runs.

The secret to RapidRun’s flexibility is its cutting-edge connector technology, which creates a lossless connection between Runner and Break-Away. A precision-machined connector shell is cut from solid brass and plated to a bright nickel finish. Also, to resist the effects of oxidation and ensure years of reliable operation, the connector terminals are gold-plated.

Runner cables are terminated with female connectors, eliminating the risk of fatal damage to a pin. To provide maximum installation ease, the female connectors include a protective cap with pulling eye. While able to withstand a maximum pulling tension of 30lbs., the split ring will fail long before damage can be done to the delicate termination points.

The overall connector shape also plays an important role in RapidRun’s ease of installation. The unique geometry of the female connector allows for it to glide through 3/4'' conduit, while the tapered rear of the connector provides enough relief to allow the connector to pass through a 90° sweep. *

For effortless connection to the Runner, Break-Away terminations are finished with a male connector. Just align the red arrows to guide the connectors together and tighten the knurled locking ring. Pin configurations and mechanical keys allow acceptable combinations to easily mate, while blocking incompatible Break-Away combinations that could adversely affect signal transmission.

Installers Benefit From Powerful Performance Advantages, Including: Uncompromised Signal Integrity: pin pitch and insulator material make our connector virtually transparent to the delicate video signal, resulting in minimal signal loss.

Dirt And Damage Protection: the pulling caps protect the delicate contacts within the connector from the dirt, dust and damage – common on job sites.

Flexible Durability: while durable enough to withstand 30lbs. of pulling tension, the connector is small enough to pull through 3/4'' conduit and even a 90° factory-manufactured sweep*.

*Sweeps bent in the field may result in a smaller diameter or “flattened” sweep.

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1.5 foot RapidRun(R) DB9 + S-Video Flying Lead, 42161


3 foot RapidRun(R) HD15 (RGBHV) Flying Lead, 42115


Multi-Format 15 Pin Runner 50 Feet Long.


1.5ft RapidRun® VGA (HD15) + 3.5mm + Composite Video + Stereo Audio Flying Lead


C2G - 40853 - 1.5ft RapidRun(R) HD15 Male + 3.5mm Stereo Audio

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