Old connections HDMI to Component Video

HDMI to Component Video (Red/Green/Blue RCA Connections)

There are several good reasons you might want to do this:


  • Not enough HDMI Inputs on your TV for all of your Audio/Video Sources.
  • No HDMI Connections on your HDTV.
  • You have an HDTV Distribution System that uses Component Video.


The “How” is almost so easy that it's not worth describing. You take an HDMI cable and connect it to the “HDMI Out” your Source Device:

Connect the other end of that cable to your HDMI to Component Video Converter.

Connect the AC Power Supply to the DC 5V input.

Connect a Component Video Cable and a Stereo Audio Cable from the Converters Component Video output (Labeled “Y, Pr and Pb”) .
Y should be Green, Pr should be Red and Pb should be Blue. Use a regular stereo cable for Right and Left Audio.

Connect the Component Video and Stereo Audio Cable to the TV. Power on the TV, Converter and then the Blue Ray Player. Select the proper Component Video input on the TV and there you go, you should have sound and video.


NOTE: Converers that convert HDMI copy protected content to analog video are strictly prohibited in the United States. HDMI LLC and HDCP LLC are very strict about this, and no manufacturer offers devices that "strip" copy protection to allow conversion. Unfortunately, while it was promised that converters would be allowed to down convert this content to 480i for those with older equipment, it is rapidly becomming less and less possible to do this. There are still some foreign products that allow you to do this, but they are not considered legal to use, at least for illegal purposes like say, watching TV...